Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Daily Grind

A work email between Mon and I:


Mon I forgot to remind you to tell me about that letter you found on your front door.


oh yeah!! i was gonna take it on my way to work today so i could photo copy it but it was gone!!

it read: (it was written in really poor handwriting and quickly written on white A4 paper (to paint the picture...set the mood of the story...hehe!)

To the residents of Speakman house!!!!

Make sure you are aware of who you let in the building!!!

>>(shit i cant remember really what else it said but this was the good bit)

There is blood and syringes in the stairwell and there have been people let in!!!

Do you want to live amongst that?!?!?

Do you want blood and drugs on the stairs?!?!?!

Don’t let anyone in!!!

...........and that was pretty much the crazy bit of it!! So scary and funny as!
I live around STRANGE peeps

hahah hilarious. It was stuck up with blue tack and I really need some.

Just another day at work at Square Mile Real Estate where Monique and I do the daily grind.

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