Friday, 24 December 2010

Interview: Above + Beyond

I speak to Tony McGuiness from Above + Beyond. Check the full interview here.

Interview: Smoke Fairies

UK's Smoke Fairies bring you 'Through Low Light and Trees' an epic journey down the quarry train track, through the woods and across the bay. I spoke to member Katherine Blamire about the outcome. Click here for full interview.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Concrete Playground: Hairy Contributions Keep B EAST Mag Afloat

Berlin based magazine B.EAST shows the publishing industry the real meaning of 'innovative thinking'. Try exporting hair to fund a magazine. It works. Evidence? Check out this month's issue of B.EAST Mag!
Whole feature here.

Concrete Playground: Crumpled City Maps

Crumpled City map that aren't adverse to a good shoving!

See the article here.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Interview: Boris Werner

Boris Werner relishes in the good ol' days when illegal raves were aplenty. Check the full interview here.

Interview: Jaymo and Andy George

Radio 1 DJs Jaymo and Andy George talk juggling acts, japanese toys and   quiffs!

Check the whole interview here.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Interview: Hello Mexico

HELLO MEXICO isn't a greeting but a UK quintet who indulge in melodic guitar riffs and soft vocals. But don't be too quick with that permanent market these boys aren't about sonic limitations. Check out the interview with guitarist Nick Calafato here.

Interview: Dylan Rhymes

Read why Martin Beaver aka DYLAN RHYMES loves the Internet and the bevy of sonic competition it so lovingly breeds.

Check interview here.

Interview: Yousef

Liverpool's own Yousef explains why releasing through labels other than his own Circus Recordings is more genius than it may seem. Check my whole interview here.

Interview: Jaguar Skills

Interview with incognito Jaguar Skills! Check out the Ninja ahead of his Ministry of Sound gig. Click here for interview.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Interview: Troy Pierce

Check out the whole interview with Troy Pierce on

Interview: Congorock

Full interview with Italy's Congorock here.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Berlin Wall

The most opportune thing about being a freelancer is the freedom it gives. Without the usual 9-5 limitations I make my own schedule. Without four walls of permanency I am fortunate enough to choose my own four walls which can be swapped daily/monthly/weekly.

With this in mind, no more than two months ago, I hoped on a plane destined for Berlin. I mean what other place would a music journo move to? Granted I picked October, November and December as my residency months and so like clock-work the weather became the least favourable aspect of my relocation.

Aside from the snowy outcome it was an amazing two and so months filled with discovery, reinvention and recreation. A hella of a lot of recreation. It's hedonistic reputation is as clear as the sky is blue on a Sunday morning when eager clubbers line-up to gain entry into mega-club Berghain. 9AM starts are the plat du jour! 

My 'Berlin Wall'

Interview: 2000 and One

Click here to see the full QandA with the Dutchman who wanted a re-match.

Interview: Guy Gerber

Guy Gerber interview where we learn why pain = beauty - in music. Click here to see the full interview on

Interview: Arrested Development

To read the entire Q&A click here to head to Concrete Playground!

Mag Fix: Dapper Dan

I have an unhealthy adoration for the furriest friend of them all. The moustache. This bi-annual men's mag originates from Athens, Greece and covers, fashion, art, culture and philosophy. All the goodies!

And I gotta say: For a first issue cover they certainly got my attention!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Jonathan de Villiers: Fast Food Marathon

Acclaimed photographer Jonathan de Villiers unconvers the secret to a marathon runners' success: LOTS OF CALORIES! Click here to take a look at the whole feature.

Playbutton Lets You Wear Your Music on Your Sleave

A whole album contained in one single badge Genius. Check the full feature on Concrete Playground

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