Saturday, 29 May 2010

Interview: Metric - A Life of Its Own

Last week I paid a visit to East London's swanky Shoreditch House to meet up with Emily Haines and James Shaw of Canadian band METRIC. Their most recent album 'Fantasies' takes a different direction to its predecessors by portraying a more intimate side of the band.

Both Haines and Shaw were only too happy to share their thoughts and opinions (of which they had a lot of) on their path to the present day.

Here's a snippet to tie you over till next week. Watch out for the Metic interview on

So you didn’t all collaborate? Perhaps jam together?

EMILY: Well, no. One of my favourite myths to burst the bubble of, is the idea that there we all were jammin’ away. Not true at all. The one thing that we did have in common is that we all wanted to get out of that fucking loft. It was a very bad-ass group of people who were not looking for anything but to move forward on their own. Maybe that’s sad but I kind of like that idea.
JAMES: Personally that’s what I got from NY. I never got a supportive energy. Everyone is looking out for themselves and no one gives a shit about anyone else.

EMILY: Which is good. That’s why you go to NY.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Souls of Mischief

Interview: Souls of Mischief - The Return. Check the full article on

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Review: Stag and Dagger

Check the complete Stag and Dagger review at

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Ghost Busters III - The Judd Apatow Ressurection

It's been down at the rumour for a while now and it was only a matter of time before some executive schmuck confirmed the internet's suspicions. I guess finally that time has come. Comedic super-hero director Judd Apatow (Superbad, Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin and Funny People) has officially been announced that Apatow Productions will indeed be in charge of the third installment of everyone's friendly ghost removalists. The upcoming 3rd will be written by The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Greg Stupnitsky. It's been reported that neither Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd have been allowed to confirm anything until now! It seems everyone's favourite old guy hipster kid Mr B Murray is already getting in on the action.

In case you don't get the hipster reference check out Bill Murray's bar-tending stint at 2010's SXSW. B-Man is all over the jeuneuse!

**Top photo taken from Hipster Runoff.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Richard Kern & VBS.TV = In Various States of Undress - Naturally.

Last night was the opening night of Richard Kern's exhibition 'Shot by Kern Europe'. It was an affair like so many other (Vice) affairs before it. Upon entering the Hoxton Square exhibition I was greeted with a number of portraits lining bleak white walls. The portraits were of semi-nude / completely nude girls partaking in some menial activity. Smoking a bong/joint, embracing in the forest, lying on a bed, brushing teeth etc. The exhibition follows Kern on a six-country European tour in which he shot girls in various states of undress.

Initially I felt like I was in some parallel universe; staring at complete porn with 10 guys standing around me also 'appreciating' Kern's work. There was even a video in a small separate room that watched as a curvy Spanish lass sultrily swayed in front of the camera before removing her bra and then drawing on herself (boobs, stomach, bottom) with a purple texta. But the best had to be the one from the photographer's classic 'Up-Skirt' Series. A 4x5 display of 20 different standing ladies from the perception of someone who uses a camera while lying between their legs. Birds eye view, indeed.


The dark-haired girl in the end photo of the above work is in fact the drummer in the Big Pink and singer and drummer in punk-rock noise-machine Comanechi. I had previously interviewed Comanechi and as a result instantly recognised her photo. Later outside I ran into her and congratulated her. It went something along the lines of: "Congratulations I think everyone in Shoreditch has now seen your boobies". My interview with her will be in the next issue of 'SUP Mag.

Speaking of quite a few east-end girls I know were approached to have their own semi/completely nude photos taken by the infamous US photographer. All but one refused. For her efforts Jana will be paid £50. Ch-ching.

Admittedly I will say that the very popular (I wonder why?) VBS.TV behind the scenes series is a rather interesting watch. The show interviews the girls in the photos about why they've agreed to be shot in such compromising positions etc. Obviously the Americans always have the most inane responses.

I'm From Rolling Stone

It seems every scribe and his pen wants to be a music journalist these days. You know the usual spiel. I hope that one day I too can work for a highly renowned music publication such as Rolling Stone. "It's longevity is a testament to its quality of craft and passion for all things aurally gorgeous". Well in 2007, MTV television decided to jump on this wagon; one that would most certainly rake in the' cash. And so as to not make things too confusing, we are talking about an MTV audience here guys, they're the one's that relish at the sight of those beef-head Guidos on Jersey Shore, the show was called I'm From Rolling Stone. It was everything it's name claimed to be and not much more.

Six aspiring muso-journos were plucked from their respective American cities and given Summer internships in the hope of landing a Contributing Editor position at the highlight esteemed rock magazine. 

The Players

Krishtine de Leon was a local hip-hop magazine editor from San Francisco // Peter Maiden, an Australian college student at UC Berkeley // Tika Milan, a lesbian poet and freelance journalist from Brooklyn, NY // Russell Morse, a former juvenile deliquent turned reporter for a local San Francisco newspaper // Krystal Simpson from CA with a love for classic rock // Colin Stutz, a 20 year old University of Southern California student from Oregon

Upon the final episode the winner was to be Krishtine de Leon; however, if reality television has taught this generation anything it's that you don't actually have to win the competition to 'win the competition'.

Aussie boy Pete Maiden who didn't manage to win the show did in fact win 'off the show'. He is currently the video editor for Rolling Stone and I'm not really sure what Miss Krishtine de Leon is doing.

Check out Maiden's Rolling Stone expedition, so far..

Stay tuned.

Interview: Vitalic for

Click here to view the whole Vitalic interview on

Festival Review: Nuits Sonores on

Click here to read the full review of 2010's Nuits Sonores.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Nuits Sonores and Busy P

The Nuits Sonores Festival had events scattered all over Lyon. The below is a video of Busy P DJing at the Mini Sonore helf at the Piscine de Rhone. A location with a pool fixed to the size of the river Rhone. Alas you had to be under 10 to attend!

And yes Mr Pedro Winter is the dinosaur behind the decks.

Here is the Ed Banger Daddy's account of his experience at the Nuits Sonore. CHECK IT! Apparently it took them 8 years to ask him to play and he wasn't even on the poster. Quel Horreur!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Music Festival - "Nuits Sonores" - Lyon, France

Wow apologies for the lack of posting, I was in France enjoying the electronic/indie festival Nuits Sonores. Seriously even my Facebook was neglected. Such an occurrence is a rare thing yet quite cleansing none the less. So I went back to my second home to catch up with heaps of friends and eat amazing food. Kudos to my French friend's mum for cooking us fish for lunches! Merci Romain! A nice change from the usual cheese toasty my mum would have served up. Slacker! Jokes. Love ya mum.

Oh did I mention the music? I knew I'd get side-tracked by the food! The festival was an intense hazardous ear-beating. Spread over four days during the day and night; all over the city it was an aural spectacle like no other. The weather even managed to behave itself. Prior to my arrival the forecast read: Heavy rain. What we got was a little more pleasant. Little rain. Thank Christ.

I'll be writing up a review for but before then a quick highlight overview is most certainly in order.

Night 1:
Vitalic (Room 1)
Hot Chip (Room 2)
Jesse Rose (Room 2)
Paul Kalkbrenner (Room 1)

Night 3:
Jamie Lidell (Room 1)
Unkle (Room 1)
Yuksek (Room 2)
The Juan Maclean (Room 1)
Laurent Garnier (Room 3)

Night 4:
Hudson Mohawke (Room 3)
2ManyDjs (Room 3)

A munted Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) dancing away while Jesse Rose DJ'd at the decks was a pretty entertaining site!

Review up soon as I can get it ouuuut!

Please Hold The Line - Gotye "Thanks For Your Time"

Gotye nee Walter De Backer is 29 year-old Australian artist more commonly known as GOTYE. He's released two studio albums and the featured song "Thanks For Your Time" was released in 2008. Every time this song pops up on my shuffle playlist I bare a little smile for Down Under. I know I've been away from home too long because instead of becoming irritated by what follows from 2:25 mins, instead I find it endearing. Nevertheless, if you're an Aussie you'll definitely emphasize with Wally's sentiments.

Wally also used to play drums for Melbourne indie band The Basics. I remember meeting them once - their comments directed at their third member were a little snarkey to say the least. His solo success definitely surpassed that of the groups.

The video was animated and directed by Lucy Dyson. Enjoy!

Gotye- Thanks For Your Time from Gotye on Vimeo.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

MTV Movie Awards Promo - Fail @ Funny

2010'S MTV Movie Awards will be hosted by none other than comedian and all-round funny, crude and crass american-indian (not Red Indian) Aziz Ansari. The promotional virals have all ready started flooding the internet with celebrities including Kristen Bell (boring blonde), Puff I mean P.Diddy and pretty boy Zac Efron. FYI Zac Efron it seems you're slowly being overshadowed by a younger prettier version of yourself. Hello Justin Bieber.

Anyway the shin-dig takes place on 6 June and in anticipation of the star-studded event the above is one of two videos from the advertising campaign. Take a gander. I'm just not feelin' 'em. You ain't got nothin' o'er Sarah Silverman, Aziz. Even if you are best-friends with Kanye West, James Murphy and TVOTR's Dave Sitek. (Check out Aziz & Sitek's mix-tape here).

Naomi Campbell and Co. Body Facists

Although ubiquitous super-model Naomi Campbell went on Opera and blamed her aggressive stints on a "type of emotional disorder … an abandonment issue" it seems others speculate a more obvious answer. One which is oh so synonymous with the lady's chosen 'career' path. It seems Miss Campbell's diet has some answering to do.

Three times a year the leggy super-model goes on a strict syrup diet. That's right syrup. But unfortunately for her there isn't any light, fluffy, pancakes involved. You know the one's that literally melt butter? Well forget about it. The "Maple Syrup" diet involves drinking syrup mixed with cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water. And voila eventually after a long and arduous journey you too can be skin and bones. Unfortunately no amount of sugared water is going to make you into a Lucy Leggy. You'll have to take that one up with your genes.

Bootylicious singer Beyonce also swears by the diet with an added laxative tea in the evening and lukewarm sea-salt water in the morning. Follow her method and you too can lose the body mass of a small child. To see what we prepared earlier please refer to her film "Dream Girls".
For 10 (assumedly) torturous months Art Director Charles Saatchi lived off eggs along. For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner he had nothing but the spheroid shaped cell and as a result lost 80 pounds. We're sure his wife Nigella Lawson, famous for her 'knack' for cooking was very inspired.

Campbell, Saatchi & Knowles are not the only contenders on this lack lustrous expedition. Yet they were one of the very few brave enough to speak out. To raise their voice against the tide of hush. Let's each raise a glass of laxative tea to our courageous soldiers who show us "not what to do".

Chin Chin.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Benicio Del Toro is Magnum.. Gold

For some god unknown reason laconic Hollywood stud Benicio Del Toro (better known for his roles in Traffic & the recent Che saga) has teamed up with ice-cream Magnum Gold to create the ultimate advertising campaign. So obviously modelled on Brangelina's 2005 film "Mr and Mrs Smith" Del Toro and his leading lady set out to steal some gold in a good ol' fashion heist. Only difference is they've introduced 'a cousin' who helps orchestrate the plan.

Enter 'you'. Yes 'you'. Log onto Magnum Gold upload your photo and you are instantly affiliated with the thieving pair. However, in an unfortunate twist of fate it turns out the bevy of gold is that of the ice-cream kind. Hilarious!

Once you've created your part you can share it via email, Facebook and even via your own URL link. Quite a promotional tool. The kids at Magnum Gold seemed to have tapped into something noteworthy. It most certainly explores the whole viral idea. And Bencio Del Toro's affiliation definitely doesn't hurt anything other than MG's bank account. No doubt the company will get back what they spent.. and the rest.

I may or may not be the next Halle Berry.


Review: Camden Crawl 2010 - Day Two

Day Two of 2010's Camden Crawl is no less wet than the first. Yet rays of sunshine fill festival goers with that ever needed burst of punter energy. Running between venues, beer in tow is hard work. Check out the whole review at This is Fake DIY.

Live amateur footage of some of the musical spectacles can be found here.

Review: Camden Crawl 2010 - Day One

 2010's Camden Crawl. The first day of the UK's urban festival. It has everything the country festivals have including: live music, beer, excited punters and RAIN! The only thing that was missing was the squelchy mud. Thank God!

Check out the full Day 1 Review at This is Fake DIY.

Live amateur footage of some of the musical spectacles can be found here.

Dummy Album Review: Golden Filter

Dummy Album Review: Golden Filter.

Check out a track by track description @ Dummy Mag!

Theophilius London - Move O'er Kanye Woo

Theophilius London. WOW. This Brooklynite is a smooth as chocolate. Granted there's a hint of choreographed boy-band but only the slightest. I promise. Certainly not enough to turn you off. It's endearing listening laced with piano, drums and synths. He most certainly gives Mr Kanye West a run for his money.

The cover of his third mixtape features Theophilius holding  none other than Dave Sitek's cat. BoYz gOt Ze ConNecTions!!?!?!

As well as the moves. The below video shows T London with other avant-garde player Lightspeed Champion.

New Video: Beyonce - Why Don't You Love Me? - It'll Make You Blush

B-B-Beyonce. The B-Dawg channels Super-8 with her new music video "Why Don't You Love Me?". She spends a lot of time on the phone. Something she seems to be doing a lot of this year. (See her countless collabs w/ Lady Gags). She plays the home-maker, dominatrix, soapy minx and perfects the art of the 'Bridget Jones' granny panties.

It's a shameless, campy 50s experience and there's enough ass slapping to make you blush. Sound ain't too shabby either.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Roger Sanchez Interview for Skiddle

Roger Sanchez Interview for Skiddle. Here!

DJ Eddie Halliwell Interview for Skiddle

Interview: UK DJ Eddie Halliwell talks turn table tickery and toilet breaks for Happy Reading!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Camden Crawl 2010


Race Horses

New Young Pony Club


Gold Panda

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