Friday, 24 December 2010

Interview: Above + Beyond

I speak to Tony McGuiness from Above + Beyond. Check the full interview here.

Interview: Smoke Fairies

UK's Smoke Fairies bring you 'Through Low Light and Trees' an epic journey down the quarry train track, through the woods and across the bay. I spoke to member Katherine Blamire about the outcome. Click here for full interview.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Concrete Playground: Hairy Contributions Keep B EAST Mag Afloat

Berlin based magazine B.EAST shows the publishing industry the real meaning of 'innovative thinking'. Try exporting hair to fund a magazine. It works. Evidence? Check out this month's issue of B.EAST Mag!
Whole feature here.

Concrete Playground: Crumpled City Maps

Crumpled City map that aren't adverse to a good shoving!

See the article here.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Interview: Boris Werner

Boris Werner relishes in the good ol' days when illegal raves were aplenty. Check the full interview here.

Interview: Jaymo and Andy George

Radio 1 DJs Jaymo and Andy George talk juggling acts, japanese toys and   quiffs!

Check the whole interview here.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Interview: Hello Mexico

HELLO MEXICO isn't a greeting but a UK quintet who indulge in melodic guitar riffs and soft vocals. But don't be too quick with that permanent market these boys aren't about sonic limitations. Check out the interview with guitarist Nick Calafato here.

Interview: Dylan Rhymes

Read why Martin Beaver aka DYLAN RHYMES loves the Internet and the bevy of sonic competition it so lovingly breeds.

Check interview here.

Interview: Yousef

Liverpool's own Yousef explains why releasing through labels other than his own Circus Recordings is more genius than it may seem. Check my whole interview here.

Interview: Jaguar Skills

Interview with incognito Jaguar Skills! Check out the Ninja ahead of his Ministry of Sound gig. Click here for interview.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Interview: Troy Pierce

Check out the whole interview with Troy Pierce on

Interview: Congorock

Full interview with Italy's Congorock here.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Berlin Wall

The most opportune thing about being a freelancer is the freedom it gives. Without the usual 9-5 limitations I make my own schedule. Without four walls of permanency I am fortunate enough to choose my own four walls which can be swapped daily/monthly/weekly.

With this in mind, no more than two months ago, I hoped on a plane destined for Berlin. I mean what other place would a music journo move to? Granted I picked October, November and December as my residency months and so like clock-work the weather became the least favourable aspect of my relocation.

Aside from the snowy outcome it was an amazing two and so months filled with discovery, reinvention and recreation. A hella of a lot of recreation. It's hedonistic reputation is as clear as the sky is blue on a Sunday morning when eager clubbers line-up to gain entry into mega-club Berghain. 9AM starts are the plat du jour! 

My 'Berlin Wall'

Interview: 2000 and One

Click here to see the full QandA with the Dutchman who wanted a re-match.

Interview: Guy Gerber

Guy Gerber interview where we learn why pain = beauty - in music. Click here to see the full interview on

Interview: Arrested Development

To read the entire Q&A click here to head to Concrete Playground!

Mag Fix: Dapper Dan

I have an unhealthy adoration for the furriest friend of them all. The moustache. This bi-annual men's mag originates from Athens, Greece and covers, fashion, art, culture and philosophy. All the goodies!

And I gotta say: For a first issue cover they certainly got my attention!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Jonathan de Villiers: Fast Food Marathon

Acclaimed photographer Jonathan de Villiers unconvers the secret to a marathon runners' success: LOTS OF CALORIES! Click here to take a look at the whole feature.

Playbutton Lets You Wear Your Music on Your Sleave

A whole album contained in one single badge Genius. Check the full feature on Concrete Playground

Monday, 29 November 2010

Robyn - Dancehall Queen - Diplo codirects

Not gonna lie. Not a massive fan of Robyn. Totes commend the way she's been able to keep her head above the currents of time - just not sure how..

Above is her most recent release 'Dancehall Queen' co-directed by non-other than busy-body Diplo. Seriously does this boy not stop. Different concept I guess. The whole Asian dancing girl stint.

See fo' yourself.

David Lynch Puts Out Some Electro Feel Good

Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds

DAVID LYNCH the prolific director has put out single. Indulging in the deepest depths of electronica and synthesizers the Twin Peaks ambassador mimics that of an optimistic robot singing "I wanna have a good day today" backed by a drum machine and keyboard.

Though at first it may seem a strange deviation this is in fact not the first time Lynch has turned his hand to the sonic muscle. As well working on his own soundtracks he has also collaborated on 'Dark Night of the Soul' with Dangermouse and the late Mark Linkous aka Sparklehorse.

The track 'A Good Day Today' ain't half bad. Yes it's drowning in distortion with a voice that's about as meddled with as Heidi Spencer's live vocals but in this case no one's trying to pretend otherwise.

The single was released through Rob da Bank's UK label Sunday Best and is available through itunes.

It takes influence from: The Pet Shop Boys/New Order/Joy Division.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Suicide - Shadazz

This is electronic, synth band SUICIDE made up of Alan Vega and Martin Rev. Active since 1971 the duo prove that synths and drum machines have been around a lot longer than this whole 'chillwave' genre leads the 'downloading' era to believe. Their 1977 self-titled; a melange of 'lofi' electro synth-pop laid the foundation for the music of today.

And these guys did it good!

Have a feeling Ariel Rosenberg may be a fan.

Back in 2008 UK's The Horrors covered this exact song. Not bad. But not better. Check it here.


Feadz_"Tuff"(video teaser) from L'Enregistreur on Vimeo.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Aeroplane: And Then There Was One

News is that Belgian duo Aeroplane have split. It's not new news 
but it is relevant. The self-titled debut is an '80s synth italo disco, [insert genre], [insert genre], and we've written about it in previous posts. Today we spoke to the remaining member of Aeroplane Vita De Luca, about everything from the illegal music on the SoundCloud mixes to writing film scores.

The interview will be up on Skiddle next week but until then here's some extra tid-bits!

If things had been different I:

// Would have been born in the sixties. Not now.

Most expensive thing you ever bid on on eBay?

// Probably my Jupitar 8. Like a synth. I won it.

You won it?

// Yea. I won it.

I love how people who use eBay say: I WON I WON... when really..

// ..Yea because that’s what eBay says. (Laughs).

I know.. aha. How long ago did you buy that?

// About four years ago. I just did the same with a CS-60 but I didn’t win that...

One thing that scares you?

// Um... not much scares me, really. I’m scared for other people.

What? What does that mean?

// Like I’m scared of something happening to my girlfriend or my mum. Sorry that’s a shit answer.

Nah it’s cool we’ll take it.

What’s something that you didn’t used to have?

// Something that I didn’t used to have? Money! (Laughs)

Straight to the point.

Favourite thing to collect? Or is that pretty obvious?

// Ah.. it’s pretty obvious..Do I have to answer that?


// Well it’s all around me. It’s my synth and my drum machines. Anything that can produce any kind of sound.

And last: your love after music? Or is that obvious as well.

// I don’t think I have one.

Aha. You’re supposed to say your girlfriend!

// What? But that comes before music. (Laughs) Nothing else provokes as much emotion as when I create music.

Dave Clarke - Inspiration: Sparks

Currently researching UK techno/electro reminiscer Dave Clarke. Here's what inspires him.

1979's Spark's Tryouts for the Human Race. Gotta love that pink suit.

Spark's La Dolce Vita.

Gotta love Funny Face. In trend with their warped videos.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Outer Limits Recording - I Need My TV

People talk about Dev way too much. He's responsible for Lightspeed Champion or the more recent Blood Orange. He was also one half of the now-extinct punk band Test Icicles. Well this is Sam (Mehran). The other half. And here is the American born London based artist's newest project Outer Limits Recording. It will very much remind you of Ariel Pink but before you going pointin' that finger and calling him a cheap imitation do believe that Mr Mehran has man guises including Matrix Metals, Wingdings, 90210, Foxy Baby and the Sweethearts. Each alias aiding in his love of indie, pop and the avant-garde all rolled into one sonic melange.

Gorillaz cover XX

Gawd don't know if I could handle being the XX post-debut. Every man and his Gorilla (see Gorillaz cover) have loved all over that baby! I'd probably just end the band. Be less painful than creating a sophomore that every compared to the debut.

Not that I don't have any faith in the East London clan... Fingers crossed.

Beach House - Soiree de Poche

Check out this live recording of Beach House by Soiree de Poche. French-born Victoria LeGrand's voice will echo in your ear and reverberate all the way into your abdominal cavity.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an embedding feature on the site so click here to open the video!

Interview: Terrence Parker aka Telephone Man

Terrence Parker doesn't go anywhere without his phone; a classic chord phone that doubles as head-phones. Not surprisingly over his 30 year span the DJ and Detroit devotee has rightfully earned the name Telephone Man.

This year he celebrates a career that was started in 1980 and is yet to end.

Full interview here.

Chilly Gonzalez - Radio 1 Minimix

Chilly Gonzales - Radio 1 Minimix 19 11 10 by dynmk

Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac called upon Canada's chilly Gonzalez. What she got was something completely unexpected but something oh very Chilly. Check out his piano drench mini-mix. It's something unlike anything else. Then check the below. Wow. 2:45min what a drop!

When I say he's the black Kanye West I refer to an uninhibited talent that each is only too aware of and not afraid, for one second, to acknowledge.

I mean if you can't see it then who can?!

Hannulelauri - Zombie Tropicana

Hannulelauriis Finish duo Hannu Nieminen and Lauri Soini. The Helsinki based pair create synth-laden 80s dreamscapes where italo-disco and spaced-out rock grooves are the plat du jour! In September 2010 they released their single 'Supermonkey' with Zombie Tropicana as the b-side.

But it wasn't until the release of Aeroplane's August Mix that Zombie Tropicana really came to surface.

Aeroplane August 2010 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

Check out Aeroplane's debut on their Myspace! A journey back to the 80s.

Friday, 19 November 2010


The (financially) accessible element of Internet publishing has sadly seen the print industry brought to its knees. 

With an increase in the number of people logging on there’s been a considerable decrease in magazine sales, forcing companies to close or merge meaning positions are quickly disappear. Though through this seemingly inevitable battle we have witnessed an uprising of print devotees. 
In a study led by the ACP and research company Neuro-Insight it was found that the monthly issue holds ‘an emotional connection’ with readers between 18-24 years of age. Magazine advocates have proved that they’re not adverse to paying a small fee for something they can hold and keep. 
It seems the flurry of smart phones and iPads is not enough to halt the print industry and no one believes that more than Australian publishing house ACP Magazines. To prove it that they’ve launched promotional campaign I Love Magazines, which media site B&T reports will endorse the tangible object through all mediums. Instead of pretending competitor platforms don’t exist the publishing house wants to embrace them. 
Adverts featuring influential media pioneers championing the magazine will appear via print, online and social media including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Newly appointed Managing Director Phil Scott promises a 50 percent increase in media expenditure for the financial year of 2011. That’s a whopping $20 million! The official I Love APC Mags site will launch on 19 November. There’s even a free I Love Magazines application available from the iTunes store in December.

De Niro's Greenwich Hotel Keeps Make-over

Back in 2004 the Greenwich Hotel, owned by veteran actor Robert Di Nero, was given a re-design go-ahead. To achieve a grander appearance Di Nero injected a inordinate dose of Benjamins into his co-owned TriBeCA penthouse. Though four years down the track New York’s Landmark Preservation Commission caught sight of something unwieldily. 

It seems amidst the sky scrappers of the Big Apple there was one particular design violation tracing back to the actor/property developer. As a result the Taxi star was instructed to modify the structure whose scale was drastically larger than the initially agreed measurements. Channeling the all-to-cliche actor-diva syndrome the veteran actor refused to rescale the roof citing architectural ‘mistakes’. 

Fortunately even the ‘big movie stars’ can’t escape a big slap from the stern hand of the law. In a meeting with the city commission, on 16 November, De Nero’s camp unveiled plans of re-structure which included the removal of angled roofing to reveal underlying brick walls. The shaded garden features would be decorated in greenery.

According to the New York Times the court hearing saw Di Nero’s architect, Axel Vervoordt, give a glowing argument laced in industry jargon and ingratiating statements. Though the court could have instructed a complete building removal it seems all plans have been approved; though no deadline date has been set. Another victory for the celebrat?

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Review: Electronic Beats 10th B'day feat. The Human League

Click to view the full Electronic Beats Birthday review including amind-blowing performance by '80s synth-lords The Human League!

CocoRosie - Gallows

Check out my 2010 CocoRosie interview here.

Mumdance - Don't Forget Me Now (Feat. Esser)

Mumdance is Hackney-based producer Jack Adams and Don't Forget Me Now is one of three songs off his debut 'Mum Decent' EP, released through Maddecent Records. Though it's his first official release through the Diplo owned label he's been releasing mix-tapes, including Different Circles, through them for quite some time now. Prior to creating his own tracks the UK born artist was remixing songs for high profile musicians such as Santogold, Gucci Mane and Radioclit and has forthcoming releases with Brodinski, Bonde Do Role and Drums of Death.

Check out his collaboration with Brodinski titled 'Eurostarr'

Friday, 12 November 2010

Tilt Series by Romain Laurent

Whole Tilt Series by Romain Laurent here.

Chain Fashion House Guilty of Copying Indie Designers

The chain stores fear no ramifications. Check out the complete story on local designers being ripped off by big guys like Topshop here.

Vivienne Westwood Revamps Brit Awards

After the train crash that was Australia's Aria Awards it seems the Brit Awards want to step things up. Vivienne Westwood has been chosen as the first creative pioneer to restyle the historical silver trophy. Each year a new candidate will be chosen.


Contrail Turns Your Bike into a Paintbrush

Contrail make cycling pretty but to make this innovative idea a reality Studio Geraldi need to reach their $10,000 by the 27 Nov 2010. Click here to read the story and help out!

Karl Lagerfeld's Fashion Island Sinks Before it Swims

Click here to read the whole story on Karl Lagerfeld. Apparently his ego isn't enough to pull off an island.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Monday, 8 November 2010

Interview: Scan X

One of the only five to be signed to France's prolific FNAC Records, back in 1993, Stephanie Dri has witnessed the progression and evolution of the techno music industry. In our interview with the DJ and visionary producer he reveals his dispair for a community that once was. A tight-knit music community that 'fought for underground music'. Perhaps his new collaboration with fellow French producers Laurent Garnier and Benjamin Rippert aptly entitled L.B.S will restore what once was.

Click here to read the full interview with SCAN X.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Adidas + Vice + ATRAK + DJ MEHDI + BUSY P 14 NOV PARTaaY!

I'm an avid VICE slagger. As much as they 'berate' the hipster they fucking bred the hipster. Oh the irony. 

But all differences aside, I will admit to lovin' their parties! With their pulling power and the $crilla in Adidas' pocket you can bet London's Sunday 4 Nov will be one hell of a party.

If A-TRAK, DJ MEHDI & Busy P ['ello ED BANG(ma face)] are on the bill then who the fook is the secret headliner???!?!?!

Better than those three? Well ma dears ma ears are pricked!

Head to www.viceland/bigfreeparty to win tickets!

Vice parties: Release ya inner hipster/hater!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Salem Expose the Worst of the Midwest

Sometimes a band is more than just the music. It's about their whole aesthetic. Man, I know it's wanky when you use that word 'aesthetic' it sounds like something a uni professor would say while regurgitating some book on Baroque art where winning contenders like Caravaggio play the leading trumpet.

But with SALEM, it's everything. It's the name, it's the videos, it's their music. Together it forms this notion that's completely uninhibited. But there's none of that pretense that comes with throwing meat on yourself and calling it a dress a la Gaga. There's the story behind the members because the members are the band. They are the reason it is what it is. They are the core to everything SALEM represent and coming from and being based in the Midwest, specifically Michigan, has played a big part in the band's 'aesthetic' and sound. Ironically enough it's the bleakness of it. The never ending flatness of the terrain. There's literally no where to hide. 

SALEM has exposed the sordid life that lives there. That festers there. Member John Holland is a perfect example of this. At the age of 16 he was heavily addicted to Speed, he was indulging in illicit sex for money and although he admits to having really caring parents the life  he led was pretty depressing. It wasn't until 2007 when Heather and Jack intervened that things started to change and so SALEM was born. His salacious sex-for-drugs story was recently published in BUTT Magazine.

Trying to understand SALEM will prove fruitless. Instead see it at face value because the band from the Midwest aren't "trying to give people what they want but they are happy if people want what they are giving".

Interview with Heather and John here!

Interview: Brown Brogues

BROWN BROGUES is Mark and Ben. Ironically this style of shoe is the antithesis of everything they stand for. There no-frills, no BS and believe a wresting match to be a fitting way to resolve a problem.

ABRACADA TOUR Presents The Krays (Brodinski & Yuksek)

France's newest musical label Abracada is currently touring the globe's major cities: New York, Paris, Brussells, Glasgow and of course London.

For the launch party it'll be bringing its musical entourage whereever it goes and on 5 Nov London's XOYO will see The Krays aka Brodinski + Yuksek, Pilooski, new wave phenomenon The Aikiu (Live), the mysterious ex-member of Aeroplane and more grace it's sweatbox of a musical haven.

For FREE tickets jump over to London's LeCool find my write-up and email me! Easy!

Interview: Human Life

LA based group inject some 'HUMAN LIFE' back into the music world! For the full interview click here.

Google Mastermind Gets Poached by Facebook

Aussie Lars Rasmussen is the new employee of Silicon Valley's Facebook. After receiving a rather relaxed message from young founder Mark Zuckerberg, encouraging him to come over and 'see what happens' Rasmussen has left Sydney's Google HQ for San Francisco.
Read the whole story here.

Offline Sharing Made a Reality via The Dead Drop Project

US artist Adam Bartholl wants you to get online on the streets of NY. He's installed USB flash-drives throughout the city and welcomes anyone w/ a laptop to plug in & share! Get on it here.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Berlin: Electronic Beats Festival

Where would a Berlin music festival be without some involvement from Electronic Beats magazine! The prolific music magazine will be hosting their own one-day event on 4 Nov with 80s mega band The Human League, Mancunian experimentalists Delphic and electronic singer-songwriter and producer Roisin Murphy!! Unfortunately if you haven't already snagged tickets you may have to try your luck outside the Radialsystem V venue!




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