Sunday, 24 January 2010

I'm No Good At Keeping Things To Myself - Crookers does Miike Snow et al.

Be forewarned. Don't tell me your secrets. I can't keep anything to myself!

Currently researching Miike Snow for this week's interview. May just pee in my pants a little. Andrew Wyte you are a god. Anyway Miike snow is a band based in Sweden and it's comprised of Pontus Winnberg, Kristian Carlsson and Andrew Wyatt. But these kids ain't no ordinary trio they're super talented, yo!

Swedish members Pontus W and Kristian C are also known as production/writer extrodinaires Bloodshy & Avant. They've worked with Britney Spears, Madonna, Sugababes, Kelis and J-Lo. Remember grammy award-winning tune Toxic by one Britney Spears? Well Bloodshy & Avant wrote that shit! That's right, these boys be loaded! I remember in primary school when we all wanted to be singers my music teacher told us that it was the song writers that clocked the MOST $crilla. Lucky (talented) bastards.

However, we can't forget the third member and vocalist of the band American Andrew Wyatt. He's the hottie sportin' the facial hair and leather threads. Yer, boy! He's co-produced the latest Daniel Merriweather album with Mark Ronson and runs a music label called Ă„ndersson.

Miike Snow has also contributed to the latest Crookers' album 'Tons of Friends' and by the looks of the tracklist I'd say the title was pretty damn appropriate. Count 'em: Spankrock, Roisin Murphy, Miike Snow, (M.I.A's prototype) Rye Rye, Kelis and Soulwax!!

The album's released on 8 MAR and the launch party will be at London's FIRE on 6 MAR 2010.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Fenech Soler Interview - Pronounced FENICK

Chatted with the boys from Fenech Soler before their show at Kokos. Free beer, flowing tunes and a sound guy with too much too say. Snippet: How's your wife? Sound guy: She's a bitch.

Safe to say it was a very entertaining night.

Stay tuned for interview.

You're Not Lost

You're never lost you're just somewhere else. On a different path of discovery venturing toward the unknown intrigue in tow. It's not xenophobia it's an insatiable hunger to learn. To simultaneously experience the old and the new. Goods don't have to be freshly baked you just have to accept the stuff that is outside of your control. But don't get too comfortable. Hold tight to the stuff that is within your reach and don't forget to keep reaching. Remember I'm always here to give you a boost. 

Hold tight baby cause you're going for the ride of your life. EXCITING!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Good Shoes - No Hope No Future

Good Shoes give an honest account of the music industry. You know the drill. Full interview.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Django Django

Django Django Interview after the jump.

Le Cool London 21 -27 Jan

For extra fiesty free frivolity check this week's LE COOL LDN.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

As Tall As Lions Interview on 'SUP

Click for the interview in its full glory!

I'm crap at taking negative feedback but positive feedback well I eat that sh*t for breakfast! Yea, I do.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Two Door Cinema Club - Their Words Will Melt in Your Hands

Northern Ireland trio Two Door Cinema Club are lending a helping hand. They're helping warm our frosty bodies by providing some bangin' tunes. And these bangin' tunes I speak of will soon be collected onto one single disc. Titled 'Tourist History' the debut LP will be released on 1 Mar (most likely) through Parisian 'ultra-hip' label Kitsune.

Check 'em out 12 Jan at Madame Jojos!!

We'll be interviewing them prior to the show and will be sure to update you on all things relevant and j-j-juicy.

Vampire Weekend - Free Rough Trade gig

Following the release of their new album CONTRA (11 Jan), Vampire Weekend will be playing a FREE show at East London's Rough Trade.

Make sure to get down there at 9am on Mon 11 Jan to collect your wristbands. These babies will be gone before you know it!

It's because I care too much.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Good Shoes Interview

London's very own quartet the Good Shoes will be performing for free at East London's Rough Trade.

Mon 11 Jan @ 7pm.

We'll be interviewing the guys before they take to the stage.

See you there!!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Dalstonites Django Django not DJ Ango

Django Django is not the gypsy legend known as Reinhardt but a one-year-old London-based-quartet who indulge in sampling and writing eclectic yet clever lyrics. They’re an indie pop group that is DIY but with all frills, (cow) bells and snake rattlers. Their songs reference dub, acid house, glam rock and rap and they may just remind you of compatriots Hot Chip but don’t be fooled, they’re nothing like them. Django Django make exciting and infectious music; like a fever it takes control of your innards, commanding head bopping at the very minimum. Their primeval Skies over Cairo reminisces back to ancient Egypt, to the time of Tutankhamun when pharaohs reined the earth while ZummZumm plays like the Super Mario Brothers’ soundboard. As of yet the boys have only released one single – the double A-side Love's Dart/Storm – but their heavy on the gig circuit and it’s only a matter of time before a label releases all their rhythmic gems under one titular album. That’s if the band doesn’t decide to ‘do it themselves’, says co-founder and member Dave Maclean.

Watch for the whole interview. It'll be up on This is Fake DIY now!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Le Cool London 7 - 13 Jan

Check out this week's LeCool London it's an unbridled bevy of all things ultra-cultural!
Oooo Yea..
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Friday, 1 January 2010

Paper Route Interview

Nashville Tennessee plays home to Miley Cyrus, Jack White and Keith Urban. It also houses Paper Route; a quartet that consists of Chad Howat , J.T. Daly, Andy Smith and Gavin McDonald . This may come as no surprise until you hear their music. Paper Route is an indie rock band that loves their ambient electronica. Their songs are ethereal and poppy all at once and they are the last thing you’d expect to come from the hometown of Keith Urban. Nevertheless respective members of the melodic band can lay claim to: almost running over the blond-tipped country-star himself and to serenading Jack White with a Neil Young rendition. The band's major debut, Absence, was released in 2009 on Universal Motown, a label they graciously share with one Miss Lindsay Lohan. But all of this is irrelevant. What you should know about Paper Route is that in order to correctly pronounce their name it is necessary to flex the jaw as if roaring like a lion. ROOOOOOOOOOAT. Their music will stop you in your tracks and enlighten you but it most certainly will not take you to a higher place. With all these Christian Rock references member J.T. Daly sets the record straight and tells ‘SUP Mag that Paper Route is ‘the furthest thing from a Christian Rock band; we ask too many questions’.

//Your debut album was recently released on Universal Motown. Do you know any of the other artists on that label that aren’t exactly.. 
JTD:Our style? There’s about 30-40 of those. 

//You know, Lindsay Lohan’s on it?
JTD:Oh I know. I love her. She’s one of my favourite artists and we used to date.

//Really. Oh great well there’s an exclusive. Can we print that?
JTD:Yea, of course. Wait. Is Paris Hilton on Universal Motown?

//Not yet. But I heard they were going to sign her.....
JTD:Good. Well I’ll produce it.

.....//Do you know who Whitney Port, from the show ‘The City’ is?

//I thought you were going to say no!
JTD:I know her because she kept emailing us saying: ‘You’re my favourite band’. I didn’t know if we should email her back or not cause MTV’s The City is not really our cup of tea.

//You’re not into the whole fashion foray?
JTD:(Laughs). She’s a sweet heart but it was a little outside of our ‘circle’.

//So, did you email her back?
JTD:I think we did.

//Wow it must have been a momentous occasion if you can’t even remember.
Yea, I think I passed that ‘baton’ onto someone else.

//Okay and finally number four do you know what I’m going to say?
JTD:No I have no idea. Have I ever kissed Whitney?

//What? No. I’m talking about your songs that have appeared in shows but since you brought it up: Have you ever kissed Whitney Port?
JTD: No, I haven’t.

//Well I’m assuming if you didn’t even want to email her back, you wouldn’t be kissing her. Your music was also in the film 500 Days of Summer. How does having your music in so many different movies and shows affect the band? Does it widen your fan base?
JTD: Absolutely, especially because I didn’t even know shows like One Tree Hill and The City existed. So it was a great cross-pollinisation of the fans and those that were becoming aware of Paper Route. We see ourselves as a very cinematic band; our songs are written around visuals, so it was encouraging to see our songs being used in things that we would have never expected. The 500 Days of Summer scene was so beautiful.

Check out the whole interview on 'SUP!

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