Friday, 1 January 2010

Paper Route Interview

Nashville Tennessee plays home to Miley Cyrus, Jack White and Keith Urban. It also houses Paper Route; a quartet that consists of Chad Howat , J.T. Daly, Andy Smith and Gavin McDonald . This may come as no surprise until you hear their music. Paper Route is an indie rock band that loves their ambient electronica. Their songs are ethereal and poppy all at once and they are the last thing you’d expect to come from the hometown of Keith Urban. Nevertheless respective members of the melodic band can lay claim to: almost running over the blond-tipped country-star himself and to serenading Jack White with a Neil Young rendition. The band's major debut, Absence, was released in 2009 on Universal Motown, a label they graciously share with one Miss Lindsay Lohan. But all of this is irrelevant. What you should know about Paper Route is that in order to correctly pronounce their name it is necessary to flex the jaw as if roaring like a lion. ROOOOOOOOOOAT. Their music will stop you in your tracks and enlighten you but it most certainly will not take you to a higher place. With all these Christian Rock references member J.T. Daly sets the record straight and tells ‘SUP Mag that Paper Route is ‘the furthest thing from a Christian Rock band; we ask too many questions’.

//Your debut album was recently released on Universal Motown. Do you know any of the other artists on that label that aren’t exactly.. 
JTD:Our style? There’s about 30-40 of those. 

//You know, Lindsay Lohan’s on it?
JTD:Oh I know. I love her. She’s one of my favourite artists and we used to date.

//Really. Oh great well there’s an exclusive. Can we print that?
JTD:Yea, of course. Wait. Is Paris Hilton on Universal Motown?

//Not yet. But I heard they were going to sign her.....
JTD:Good. Well I’ll produce it.

.....//Do you know who Whitney Port, from the show ‘The City’ is?

//I thought you were going to say no!
JTD:I know her because she kept emailing us saying: ‘You’re my favourite band’. I didn’t know if we should email her back or not cause MTV’s The City is not really our cup of tea.

//You’re not into the whole fashion foray?
JTD:(Laughs). She’s a sweet heart but it was a little outside of our ‘circle’.

//So, did you email her back?
JTD:I think we did.

//Wow it must have been a momentous occasion if you can’t even remember.
Yea, I think I passed that ‘baton’ onto someone else.

//Okay and finally number four do you know what I’m going to say?
JTD:No I have no idea. Have I ever kissed Whitney?

//What? No. I’m talking about your songs that have appeared in shows but since you brought it up: Have you ever kissed Whitney Port?
JTD: No, I haven’t.

//Well I’m assuming if you didn’t even want to email her back, you wouldn’t be kissing her. Your music was also in the film 500 Days of Summer. How does having your music in so many different movies and shows affect the band? Does it widen your fan base?
JTD: Absolutely, especially because I didn’t even know shows like One Tree Hill and The City existed. So it was a great cross-pollinisation of the fans and those that were becoming aware of Paper Route. We see ourselves as a very cinematic band; our songs are written around visuals, so it was encouraging to see our songs being used in things that we would have never expected. The 500 Days of Summer scene was so beautiful.

Check out the whole interview on 'SUP!

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