Sunday, 24 January 2010

I'm No Good At Keeping Things To Myself - Crookers does Miike Snow et al.

Be forewarned. Don't tell me your secrets. I can't keep anything to myself!

Currently researching Miike Snow for this week's interview. May just pee in my pants a little. Andrew Wyte you are a god. Anyway Miike snow is a band based in Sweden and it's comprised of Pontus Winnberg, Kristian Carlsson and Andrew Wyatt. But these kids ain't no ordinary trio they're super talented, yo!

Swedish members Pontus W and Kristian C are also known as production/writer extrodinaires Bloodshy & Avant. They've worked with Britney Spears, Madonna, Sugababes, Kelis and J-Lo. Remember grammy award-winning tune Toxic by one Britney Spears? Well Bloodshy & Avant wrote that shit! That's right, these boys be loaded! I remember in primary school when we all wanted to be singers my music teacher told us that it was the song writers that clocked the MOST $crilla. Lucky (talented) bastards.

However, we can't forget the third member and vocalist of the band American Andrew Wyatt. He's the hottie sportin' the facial hair and leather threads. Yer, boy! He's co-produced the latest Daniel Merriweather album with Mark Ronson and runs a music label called Ă„ndersson.

Miike Snow has also contributed to the latest Crookers' album 'Tons of Friends' and by the looks of the tracklist I'd say the title was pretty damn appropriate. Count 'em: Spankrock, Roisin Murphy, Miike Snow, (M.I.A's prototype) Rye Rye, Kelis and Soulwax!!

The album's released on 8 MAR and the launch party will be at London's FIRE on 6 MAR 2010.

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