Sunday, 30 August 2009

It Rained So Hard it Felt Like Snow

Was lucky enough to catch Swedish trio, Miike Snow, for a free gig at London's Cargo Bar. And after listening to what they had to 'say', I would have happily re-wound the clock and dug out my penny purse. They appeared on stage wearing white masks, which once taken off, further confirmed that these talented musos were indeed from the land of the genetically blessed...The lead singer and his moustache were looking mighty fine.

Their self-titled album is out now. Go catch them before everyone else does.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Moustaches Like Riding Bikes Too

We'll excuse the American spelling.

Monday, 24 August 2009

American Apparel CEO - A Young Dov Charney

Pure Gold.

A nefarious male version of Curly Sue. Once a hustler..

Friday, 14 August 2009

Stars in Our Eyes

Celebrities, we follow them around like love-sick puppies; emulating their fashion, hair and mannerisms. We thrive off their frivolity; as we flip through the pages of our tabloid magazines we’re faced with photos of the rich and their famous friends, at their fancy parties, on their shiny yachts and in their many conspicuous mansions. Their lives allow us to escape our own 9-5 route for something a little more scenic. We escape reality by jumping ship, to join P. Diddy and co. as they eat their caviar and sip back flutes of Cristal champagne. Their ridiculous wealth makes their on-screen fictitious stories seem as banal as our own lives.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Angelique Houtkamp - Till Death Do Us Part

Angelique Houtkamp is a Dutch tattoo artist turned painter who is renowned for, but definitely not limited to, her sultry 40sesque pin-ups and dark raven haired beauties.

The self-proclaimed lover of 'dirty colours' has toured all over the world and in Melbourne she calls Outré Gallery on Elizabeth street; her home away from home. Since 2006 her work has been a regular on the avant-garde circuit.

Currently she draws a lot of inspiration from 1920s and 1930s illustration and defines her style as 'old-school tattoo' using 'bold lines', 'heavy shadows' and a small selection of colours. Her favourite colours are black, red and green.

Interview with Angelique Houtkamp: The Extra Finger.

In 2007, Melbourne's Outré Gallery published her first book titled 'Tattoo Darling', and in October 2009 she'll be returning for the launch of her second book 'Tattoo Mystique'.

The Russian born painter Erté (his piece pictured third) and the Enoch Bolles girls, especially the later ones, played a great role in shaping Houtkamp's signature style.

The artist admits to having quite an affliction with Enoch's late works; the girls with the 'weird & sometimes satanic expressions'.

Enoch's 1942 'Film Fun' cover (left) seems to have provided a stencil for Houtkamp's 'Cornelia'.

Her most recent work was displayed in May 2009 at Rome's Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, alongside fellow female tattooists Sunny Buik and Morg.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam, check her out at Rob Admiraals Studio - if you're lucky she might just put you on the waiting list.

Her official site: Salon Serpent

And her range of cards can be found at: Dearest Darling

Quotes sourced from: The Extra Finger

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