Friday, 5 September 2008

A cheap imitation at best

As a lifelong (self-proclaimed) sceptic, I am reluctant to believe that something I love is being embraced by the population at large. And when I can no longer fool myself into thinking otherwise (oh denial my dear friend where art thou?) I abandon that certain artifice that I was so passionate about, that tactile or ephemeral object that once kept me warm during those lonesome nights.

One example that constantly plagues me is Australian band Cut Copy. Oh what a sell out they have become. Of course to move forward in such a competitive and viscious industry one has to swallow their pride and take that dreaded step forward. But along the way those fans that were there from the very beginning begin to die off...and new 'fans' (through gritted teeth I speak of these fellow music enthusiasts..) replace those old ones. Almost the real thing but more of a cheap Louis Vuitton imitation, whose backward placed L, can not compete with the original correct image. And as the originals slowly die so too does a piece of the Cutters credibility.. piece by piece.

A seeming lacklustre if you will...

Foot Prints

I travel because I can't stay still. Because there are places I feel at home in that are thousands of miles apart. So I date cites, sometimes many at a time. They pique my interest from across a crowded sky and I coyly string them along..

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I am more than prone to monologues; however, this is solely due to the manner in which they compliment a witty anecdote and their ability to resemble concrete evidence when it is so obviously lacking. I often wish I could emulate that aloof character who coolly stands in the corner smiling mysteriously as if she has a secret. However, I fear resisting the temptation to involve myself in other people’s conflicts and responding through body language rather than verbose banter may come across as contrived and arrogant. And, I am not willing to take that chance.

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