Sunday, 20 December 2009

As Tall As Lions Interview - Raw and Unedited

The boys from US As Tall As Lions happily join me in a discussion on: Drugs, boy bands, being 'unoriginal' and the difference between Lady Gaga, Rhianna & Kelly Clarkson.

I don't usually put up the uncut recordings but this is one that hardly needs editing.

Introducing Saen, Julio, Cliff and Dan. Probably my favourite interview to date.

Look out for it on 'SUP Mag.

A mini overview of where the boys were back in early 09; in the process of making their record 'You Can't Take It With You', sans a producer. They're heavy on self-effacement - makes for a good watch.

Photo by Felicity Ieraci

Souls of Mischief Interview

Here's a sneak peek of my interview with Tajai member of the legendary Souls of Mischief. Their album Montezuma's Revenge will be dropping Feb 2010.

Souls of Mischief make rap with west coast sensibilities. Starting off in the early 90s members Tajai, A-Plus, Opium and Phesto, were wrapping up high-school while simultaneously rapping on tour with the legendary likes of De La Soul and Grave Diggaz...After a nine year hiatus the Souls stand stronger than ever before, as they gear up for the release of their fifth album Montezuma’s Revenge’, co-produced by the highly lauded  Prince Paul. Montezuma’s is the first collaborative effort for the Oakland MCs who create ‘lyrical hip hop structured with a beat’. Co-founder Tajai talks to us about sobriety, the ‘wackest part of hip hop’ and inspiring Kayne West.

Oakland, California comes up in the majority of your songs. Why did you choose that area as the base for SOM?
The bay area is the place of so many movements because it is so diverse, because it’s a port and because of its history. California was once part of Mexico; it was ground zero for the black power movement and for the hippie movement. All revolutionary movements have happened in the bay area.
Would SOM consider collaborating with some of the more recent rappers and producers? Heard Kanye gave you props. 
When Kanye was letting people know that we were one of his favourite groups it was at a time when his production and himself were over saturated. At that time, it wouldn’t have been the best time to collaborate with him; it would have been like us eating off his plate. If you look at Hip Hop for the past ten years: 98-01: it was all Neptunes beats, from 01-03: it was all Little John beats and 03-08: it was Kanye beats. So it’s like, how are whole genres of music sounding exactly the same? That’s crazy to me. That’s the wackest part of hip hop; the labels push you to sound like other people who are ‘hot’ at the time.   
So how do you feel about name dropping things like Cristal champagne in songs?
I don’t drink! I think the guys that were originally singing about Cristal, were drinking Cristal. We’ve never been into rapping about what we have and how big we’re doin’ it. It’s just not our subject matter; we’re about painting pictures.
How about Karaoke? You into that?
I’m going to keep it 100 percent; I sing a lot in the shower and in my car but I’m too scared to do karaoke. I do like it but I don’t drink and I reckon it’s really a drunk thing. For me it’d be like a real performance..

Photo from Hot110.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Comanechi Interview - 'SUP MAG

Look out for my Comanechi interview in the next issue of 'SUP Mag.

We'll be at Akiko's house on Monday doin' the shoot!

The noise punk machine live in Dalston and are making quite a racket.

Simon Petrovitch (guitar) is a member of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale).

Akiko (drummer/vocals) also drums for the Big Pink & likes to get her kit off on stage.

 Here's photographer Richard Kern takin' a gander.

Drummer Simon & the Gossip's Beth Ditto. Razor, anyone?

In need of a Thai Green Curry recipe? I know I am. Check out Akiko's blog.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Dazed & Confused Xmas Party

T'is the time of year for joy and embrace.
Translation: drinking and debauchery!!

Dazed and Confused Mag brings you Naughty Nativity.
They'll be curating the Christmas extravaganza on:

Tues 15 Dec @ the George Tavern.
Party kicks off @ 8pm

Entertainment will be provided by:
//Friendly Fires
//Josh You R
//Akiko from (currently loved by all noise punk band Comanechi)
//Feeding Time &
//Ellie Morgan

Monday, 7 December 2009

Interview: Jono Boulet

Jonathan Boulet is the newest addition to the Modular Records family. Although the Sydney skate kid believes his real talent lies in the skate-park he has more than proven himself as a budding musical talent. Cheerful tunes coupled with a killer melody and wonderful instrumentation, cue the maracas, followed the 21-year-old and his three band mates on their 2009 tour with Perth shinners Tame Impala. Boulet produced and recorded the debut self-titled album of uplifting indie songs that reminisce back to those summer road trips where it was more about the journey than the destination.  The album Jonathan Boulet was released through Modular Records on 4 December.

//During your 2009 Tame Impala supporting tour there were photos of the band jumping out of the van and enjoying a skate park or two. Does a good skate help clear the head?
It definitely does. Much like a therapy session. Just last week Watty (our drummer) concussed himself and almost lost his memory, so you could definitely say it clears the head.

//Was the whole album recorded in your Castle Hill garage?
One of the songs was recorded in the study upstairs. One day I decided to set up all the gear in a different room because I was spending too much time in the garage.

//You’ve supported Tame Impala and El Perro Del Mar. The vibe on those respective tours must have been quite varied. Was there much difference?
Yeah it was very different. Tame Impala was just fun; mates hanging out having a good time, playing music. El Perro Del Mar was a bit different. We didn’t meet or talk to her at all, and basically the crowd was probably the opposite of a Tame Impala crowd.

//Any favourite bands at the moment?
Yes. I am really loving this guy called Siriusmo. He was picked up by Modeselektor and is one of the few artists making really good electro music.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

'Sup Magazine Interview: Wolf Gang

Wolf Gang aka Max McElligott is a ‘bit of a mongrel’; part German and part Irish he grew up on world music and fairytales. Not too long ago, the son of a historian father and a violinist mother dropped out of college to chase some dreams. Luckily for us it wasn’t too long before these ‘dreams’ became a reality. Through his enchanting music he immerses you in the ‘otherworldly’; big on imagination Wolf Gang provides the backing tracks to your modern day fairytale...We spoke to Wolf Gang about all things musical, from Karaoke to Britney Spears lip synching - just don’t go comparing him to Mika. 

//How would you describe your sound? I’d say you’re the Scissor Sisters meets Mika crossed with the Killers.
God Mika, he’s so annoying but I’ve heard that before. I think because my music is quite diverse; you’ll think that you know it but then you listen to another song and it’s totally different. On the album there’s going to be a mix: ballads, rock and slightly more pop songs.

//Are you a karaoke fan?
What? Singing along to other people’s songs? I don’t know. You drag your friends along to your gigs and that’s kind of justifiable but then you drag them to Karaoke and you’re like ‘watch me sing’ and they’re like ‘for god’s sake we saw your gig last night. How much do you want to impose on us’?

//It’s a bit ironic when singers say they don’t like Karaoke.
I’ve never really done Karaoke. I’d probably get a bit embarrassed and nervous, actually. I feel like I’d be there and there’d be people going ‘that guy thinks he’s in a band. He thinks he’s a singer. Let’s judge him’.  I’d be there singing Marilyn Monroe... (I don’t know why I said that?) I’d choose a really girly song like..

Stay tuned to find out what girly tune Wolf Gang chose. The whole interview will come out via 'SUP Magazine faster than that cheese toastie  !!

Album Review: Nosferatu D2

Check it chumps! On This is Fake DIY.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

LeCool Ldn - Light Speed Champion Interview

Sign up to LeCool London for all the salacious (free) tidbits that this generous city has on offer.

What are you looking at?

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