Saturday, 31 January 2009


There is a reason why one person can always have more than one good friend.

Remember when you were younger and you would rate each friend, I guess in priority/importance order, well I don't mean like that at all -although it is easy to draw similarities between that and the Facebook or Myspace top friends feature-. Then while you were at High School you would cross paths with one or two, or even three very good friends, each at respective times throughout your adolescence; and at that time one was more than enough. It is not until your last school years, when you really realise who your 'person' is.

Then you enter the real world, a world that lacks timetables and structure and all of sudden all those people who you saw everyday for the past six years or so, no longer make an appearance, not even a cameo. Okay some make cameos, but you're usually hiding behind the wall/tree/car/any large object in order to avoid them. And you realise the amazing concept of choosing who you want to see and when.

Weren't a big fan of that fair-haired lass who occupied the locker above you ? Me neither. Mine was incapable of grasping that stainless steel lock between her wispy little fingers. Many a times would she fail to warn me before the solid object would land smack bang on the cranium.

Alcohol doesn't kill brain-cells, infantile fellow students do.

Once at university, or whatever insitution you decide to sign-up to, you meet people who don't live within a 5 mile radius of you, and that seems far and foreign. Then you travel and meet people who have never even been to Australia and your concept of foreign or far is challenged.

Eventually you become accustomed to your surroundings and manage to pick out a few special ones; the ones that inspire you.

And when you turn to one of your good friends for a shoulder, and they give you two, you are ever so thankful that they chose you.

Joanna this is particularly dedicated to you.

" Think of people like me who know you're definately not like that (hello we shared a bed together for 4 weeks and you didn't even pull a move!) hahaha "

Thank you for your lovely letter.

Je t'aime toujours.

Bangalang X

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Dance Monkey (Intern), Dance.

So being a journalism graduate, who is more than aware of the hoops a determined one has to jump, somersault and backflip through to get where they wanna get, it was rather amusing/scaring to read ex-Editor of Girlfriend magazine, Mia Freedman's response to an article about her and a banana?

After reading the article this is her reponse; via her blog Mamamia.

"...One of these rumours – are you sitting down? – was that “Mia Freedman once sent a work experience person out to buy her son a banana.” A banana. A BANANA.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what went through my head after reading that sentence.

1. Did I do that? Possibly. But more likely banana was for self. Son not partial to bananas.
2. Even if true about son, banana is fruit. Good Mother Points in that.
3. At least no mention of the time I sent Art Director to buy my son McDonalds. That definitely happened. Look, she was going there anyway.
4. Why is shocking banana allegation not on page 1 where it belongs? 2020 Summit? Pah!

As my friends and family woke up and opened their own newspapers, my phone began to beep. “At least it wasn’t a Mars Bar!” texted my mum. “Selfish cow,” texted an editor friend. “Why didn’t you let work experience girl choose the cover and then take her out to dinner?”

I started my own career doing work experience when I was 19 and my first boss was the wonderful Lisa Wilkinson.
Back then (in my day etc), I was grateful for the chance to get her coffee or her mail. I would have gladly washed Lisa’s car – or her feet – had I been asked. Heck, I would have blow-dried her dog (I do know an editor who was asked to do this when she herself did work experience at a magazine). During this time, I believe I was also regularly sent to fetch assorted muffins and sandwiches for staff. And one time? A peach. I know. But it’s true.

...Over the years, I began to notice a change in attitude from some (not all) of the work experience students. Gratitude was being replaced with a sense of entitlement and absurd expectations.

I’m guessing that Banana Girl was one of those; a sixteen year old who rocked up for her week expecting to interview Jessica Alba and attend fashion shows. That’s the kind of experience she was after, thanks. And she wasn’t the only one.

...It got to the point where, before they came, we had to inform them in writing that “you will be required to do administrative tasks and whatever else is required”.

Some decided this wasn’t, like, acceptable and never showed up. Others showed up and then sulked. Or disappeared mid-week.

Of course, many work experience students are wonderful young women (and occasionally, young men, bless their brave souls). A 26 year old features editor puts it like this: “It would be 50/50 split: the little creatures who slump and sigh at being asked to get the mail, and those who have already gone down and got it before you can ask. Guess who gets the internships...”
Back in my day there were no internships. They should be grateful…. "

My response: Yes and no.

Guerrilla Wars

Need to get ahead in a time of turmoil and cat fights while clawing your way up that mountain of recession?

So maybe just follow Adrants Ad blog lead and post a fake ad. Free PR with the slight almost definate possibility of a slap on the ass, with a law-suit.

But then it worked for that artist resposible for the guerrilla American Apparel ads:

[Rather disillusioned by the AA ad; is there any sense behind the graphic images? Other than the whole raw and rebellious slant that AA seem to be going for]

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sometimes Even Pinching Yourself Isn't Enough

So reading the news today, and when I say 'news', I refer to that online porthole known as 'Ninemsn', and therefore use the term very loosely. I came across a 'news' article which was reminiscent of a scene out of Will Ferrell movie.

[ Re: The ambiguity of the term news: A good analogy would be likening Ninemsn to soft-porn, while ABC World would be the hard-core porn. They're both porn, one of them is a little more 'detailed' than the other... ]

So the item in question concerned a 61 year old woman in Denmark, who had handed a bank-tellar two Swedish Monopoly bills worth 2000 Kroner and in return was given 1400 Danish Krone [A$375]. She gave him toy money and he gave her real money! Can this really happen if Will Ferral isn't writing the script?

Apparently she got a l'il bit cocky and tried it a second time, however, she weren't so lucky and end up behind them iron bars.

The Bank Manager told Swedish newspaper the Local: 'As long as humans are involved, mistakes will happen'. Yes, he may have told the Swede journo that but what we really want to know is what he told the tellar and where he told him to go. Cause I'm guessing he won't be passing GO to collect his 200 Kroner (or whatever the currency conversion is).

Monday, 26 January 2009

Matt & Kim - Yea Yea

I've got one word for you.


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Need Some Motivation To Get Your Ass' Into Work Every Morning?

‘Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work.’
- Robert Orben*

Thanks Rob.

*Rob Orben (March 4 1927) is an American magician and professional comedy writer. He wrote a heap of books containing jokes and humour that magicians would put into practice while performing their tricks. In the 1970s he moved into Politics, and that part he didn't even have to make up. Funny hey?

Philip Defranco

This guy is the person I aspire to be.

For lack of a better word he's a 'motor-mouth'.

You know that moment when you're seconds away from losing the spotlight and you're almost at the end of the string of words, but got nothing left to give. When you're grasping onto that tether for dear life, as it slowly unravels revealing six more tiny stringets; which ain't gonna hold a baby finger let alone your fat ass.

Well, so you never have to be in that stringy predicament again, here's Philip Defranco.

I don't know if he presses fast-play or he's just spent way too much time training his lips to reverberate like the wind, whilst skillfully avoiding any expectoration; and frankly I don't care.

Give it up for Phil. D

'Oh Internet, how you never fail to amuse me'

'If something is called Cadbury Milk and you are suprised that thye put things like, milk in it, then I am amazed that you remember to breathe'

Friday, 23 January 2009

Kirsten Lepore - Animation Amazon

Definately check out the first video on her website, it's a compilation of all her work and it's backing track is by Hot Chip.

From a green pepper in labour to a cupcake shaving off it's cream top whilst being cheered on by it's peers, it is the holy grail of fantasy lands.

I swear my mouth was opened the whole time.

Guess Who?

I shot all the main movement with a camera stop-motion style, and then photoshopped out the mouths/eyes and re-animated them in flash."

Guess Who from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

Heinz' Poppers web ad from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

Heinz Popper's Web Ad

"most of the lip and eye movements were shot stopmotion-style with the rest of the animation...If you're interested in that type of animation, basically all you need is a light table, paper, and a camera! "

Friday, 16 January 2009

Justice do Springfield

After much blogger research I have concluded that this still is no more than a fake!

How unfortunate, considering my fingers went haywire after seeing the Justice duo donning this image as their Myspace profile pic. Scrawling through Simpson episode archives proved a fruitless expedition. With a little bit of Photoshop magic Justice planted the seed. Now all it needs is a little lovin'.

And after that, all we can do is hope that the Simpsons' people get hold of this and love all over it and in turn contact Gaspard and Xavier for a l'il cameo!

We can only hope.

Monday, 12 January 2009



  1. Digitalism- Pogo
  2. Metronomy- This could be beautiful (It is)
  3. Metronomy- A Thing for me (sinden rmx)
  4. Foals - Red Sock Pugie
  5. Paris – Friendly Fires –Aeroplane rmx (vocals Au Revoir Simone)
  6. Animal Collective- Summertime Clothes
  7. King’s of Leon – Knocked up (Lykke Li cover)
  8. Lykke Li- I'm Good, I'm Gone
  9. Bon Iver- Lump Sum
  10. Flight of the conchords- Business Time

Kanye Blows A Load

Apparently Kanye thinks this chick is babe/'vixen'..

Summer Walker - Can you say ammature?

click picture for further Kanye/Summer action.

Caution: May induce vomiting

He puts it all in - and shakes it all about

Kanye West is a modern day Shakes-peare

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Flight Of the Conchords

"Just because you've been exploring my mouth doesn't mean you get to take, an expedition down south"

Funniest men alive.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

All the Colours of the Rainbow

- collective noun. A group of persons sharing common ancestry.

After all the social parametres built around this concept, I honestly thought that the dictionary definition would hold a little more heart. Not that I am complaining, considering it works perfectly with my perception of the word.

My family consists of six people.

In reality, I have soo much family I haven't even had the pleasure(?) of meeting them, but to me that's not really 'family'. A cousin of mine recently had a wedding which, after a very tried and tested time, bought my 'family' together with the 'family' my mother once knew. This could have gone either of two ways, but considering we were only invited a week before the actual event while everyone else, most of whom were not even blood-related, were invited over 3 months ago I was a little bit skeptical.

To cut a long story short, I could not wait for that wedding to end. Unfortunately as it was an Indian wedding, the festivities went on for a very very long time -I'm talking days-. However, I only attended the wedding and that was more than enough.

My point is that family comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the main thing that it offers is support. No one can claim the benefits of a family member if they don't put in the hard yards. I am a strong advocate of the family unit and will give credit, only where credit is due. So there are about 8 cousins who live approximately half an hour from me, and yet they couldn't feel further away...

Nevertheless, the above, which was taken by a cousin -like I said I give credit where credit's due- is a beautiful photo:

The pretty one in the sun-burnt orange is my mum. And she should know that one of me is worth so much more than any of those people have (or are willing) to give.

Maybe all the pretty colours are to distract you from what's really happening.

Your eyes are just so crazy in love (calling Beyonce) with the loud visual aesthetics that your ears can't hear what's really going on. And then like a rainbow you find out that it doesn't hold any truth to it. It was all just a story made up to agree with how things are supposed to be.

Just a thought.

Disclaimer: It's tagged under Paris Hilton cause it's all as fake as she is.

Brittanie Pendleton

This is the work of 20 year old Texan based photographer Brittanie Pendleton

Monday, 5 January 2009

Lykke Li

Prnounced Lukka Lee

She's kinda like a swedish Mary-Kate Olsen but with more meat on her.

Radio Show - Indie Dayze 90.7

Yo, so I've resusciated the pre-exisiting '06 INDIE DAYZE and it's playing on SYN FM 90.7 every Monday night at 9PM- 10 PM.

Catch it on Melbourne airwaves or type in and stream it baby.

Tune in for dates, rates, vents & views.

Tonight's Playlist:

  1. Digitalism- Pogo
  2. Holy Fuck- Lovely Allen
  3. Whitest Boy Alive- Done with you
  4. Hercules and Love Affair- Blind
  5. Yo Majesy- Club Action
  6. Santogold- You’ll find a way (switch and sinden rmx)
  7. Avenue D- 2d2f
  8. Lykke Li-Complaint Dept
  9. The Postal Service- Sleeping In
  10. Boy + Girl- Talking in french
  11. Holy Ghost- Hold on

See you tonight!

Can you say Doppleganger?

Zooey Deschanel & Kate Perry

Well can you?

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Isn't it Ironic?

In “Reality Bites,” Winona Ryder, applying for a newspaper job, is stumped when asked to “define irony.” It’s a good question. Ryder replies, “Well, I can’t really define irony … but I know it when I see it.” Really?


Everytime I come across this word, this scene comes to mind. A scene that portrays so much more than a perplexed Winona, but a situation in which she is faced with the ultimate opportunity; where she comes to a fork in the road and by not knowing the answer she is told to go 'straight to jail, do not pass go and do not collect your $200'!

Funnily enough I see a lot of similarities between myself and Ryder's character Lelaina Pierce and consciously make this scene a lesson learned. Learn the definition of 'irony' and you'll never be faced with such a situation...

Lelaina: Can you define “irony”?
Troy Dyer: It’s when the actual meaning is the complete opposite from the literal meaning.

But then what about all the other words? What if I'm nervously waiting in the Herald Sun HQ and solitary voice of reason Andrew Bolt walks past me and ask me the definition of candour or rapacious?!

Then I guess I'd excuse myself and look it up on my iPhone.

Note to self- Get an iPhone.

What are you looking at?

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I am more than prone to monologues; however, this is solely due to the manner in which they compliment a witty anecdote and their ability to resemble concrete evidence when it is so obviously lacking. I often wish I could emulate that aloof character who coolly stands in the corner smiling mysteriously as if she has a secret. However, I fear resisting the temptation to involve myself in other people’s conflicts and responding through body language rather than verbose banter may come across as contrived and arrogant. And, I am not willing to take that chance.

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