Saturday, 24 January 2009

Philip Defranco

This guy is the person I aspire to be.

For lack of a better word he's a 'motor-mouth'.

You know that moment when you're seconds away from losing the spotlight and you're almost at the end of the string of words, but got nothing left to give. When you're grasping onto that tether for dear life, as it slowly unravels revealing six more tiny stringets; which ain't gonna hold a baby finger let alone your fat ass.

Well, so you never have to be in that stringy predicament again, here's Philip Defranco.

I don't know if he presses fast-play or he's just spent way too much time training his lips to reverberate like the wind, whilst skillfully avoiding any expectoration; and frankly I don't care.

Give it up for Phil. D

'Oh Internet, how you never fail to amuse me'

'If something is called Cadbury Milk and you are suprised that thye put things like, milk in it, then I am amazed that you remember to breathe'

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