Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sometimes Even Pinching Yourself Isn't Enough

So reading the news today, and when I say 'news', I refer to that online porthole known as 'Ninemsn', and therefore use the term very loosely. I came across a 'news' article which was reminiscent of a scene out of Will Ferrell movie.

[ Re: The ambiguity of the term news: A good analogy would be likening Ninemsn to soft-porn, while ABC World would be the hard-core porn. They're both porn, one of them is a little more 'detailed' than the other... ]

So the item in question concerned a 61 year old woman in Denmark, who had handed a bank-tellar two Swedish Monopoly bills worth 2000 Kroner and in return was given 1400 Danish Krone [A$375]. She gave him toy money and he gave her real money! Can this really happen if Will Ferral isn't writing the script?

Apparently she got a l'il bit cocky and tried it a second time, however, she weren't so lucky and end up behind them iron bars.

The Bank Manager told Swedish newspaper the Local: 'As long as humans are involved, mistakes will happen'. Yes, he may have told the Swede journo that but what we really want to know is what he told the tellar and where he told him to go. Cause I'm guessing he won't be passing GO to collect his 200 Kroner (or whatever the currency conversion is).

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