Saturday, 31 January 2009


There is a reason why one person can always have more than one good friend.

Remember when you were younger and you would rate each friend, I guess in priority/importance order, well I don't mean like that at all -although it is easy to draw similarities between that and the Facebook or Myspace top friends feature-. Then while you were at High School you would cross paths with one or two, or even three very good friends, each at respective times throughout your adolescence; and at that time one was more than enough. It is not until your last school years, when you really realise who your 'person' is.

Then you enter the real world, a world that lacks timetables and structure and all of sudden all those people who you saw everyday for the past six years or so, no longer make an appearance, not even a cameo. Okay some make cameos, but you're usually hiding behind the wall/tree/car/any large object in order to avoid them. And you realise the amazing concept of choosing who you want to see and when.

Weren't a big fan of that fair-haired lass who occupied the locker above you ? Me neither. Mine was incapable of grasping that stainless steel lock between her wispy little fingers. Many a times would she fail to warn me before the solid object would land smack bang on the cranium.

Alcohol doesn't kill brain-cells, infantile fellow students do.

Once at university, or whatever insitution you decide to sign-up to, you meet people who don't live within a 5 mile radius of you, and that seems far and foreign. Then you travel and meet people who have never even been to Australia and your concept of foreign or far is challenged.

Eventually you become accustomed to your surroundings and manage to pick out a few special ones; the ones that inspire you.

And when you turn to one of your good friends for a shoulder, and they give you two, you are ever so thankful that they chose you.

Joanna this is particularly dedicated to you.

" Think of people like me who know you're definately not like that (hello we shared a bed together for 4 weeks and you didn't even pull a move!) hahaha "

Thank you for your lovely letter.

Je t'aime toujours.

Bangalang X

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