Friday, 26 November 2010

Aeroplane: And Then There Was One

News is that Belgian duo Aeroplane have split. It's not new news 
but it is relevant. The self-titled debut is an '80s synth italo disco, [insert genre], [insert genre], and we've written about it in previous posts. Today we spoke to the remaining member of Aeroplane Vita De Luca, about everything from the illegal music on the SoundCloud mixes to writing film scores.

The interview will be up on Skiddle next week but until then here's some extra tid-bits!

If things had been different I:

// Would have been born in the sixties. Not now.

Most expensive thing you ever bid on on eBay?

// Probably my Jupitar 8. Like a synth. I won it.

You won it?

// Yea. I won it.

I love how people who use eBay say: I WON I WON... when really..

// ..Yea because that’s what eBay says. (Laughs).

I know.. aha. How long ago did you buy that?

// About four years ago. I just did the same with a CS-60 but I didn’t win that...

One thing that scares you?

// Um... not much scares me, really. I’m scared for other people.

What? What does that mean?

// Like I’m scared of something happening to my girlfriend or my mum. Sorry that’s a shit answer.

Nah it’s cool we’ll take it.

What’s something that you didn’t used to have?

// Something that I didn’t used to have? Money! (Laughs)

Straight to the point.

Favourite thing to collect? Or is that pretty obvious?

// Ah.. it’s pretty obvious..Do I have to answer that?


// Well it’s all around me. It’s my synth and my drum machines. Anything that can produce any kind of sound.

And last: your love after music? Or is that obvious as well.

// I don’t think I have one.

Aha. You’re supposed to say your girlfriend!

// What? But that comes before music. (Laughs) Nothing else provokes as much emotion as when I create music.

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