Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Please Hold The Line - Gotye "Thanks For Your Time"

Gotye nee Walter De Backer is 29 year-old Australian artist more commonly known as GOTYE. He's released two studio albums and the featured song "Thanks For Your Time" was released in 2008. Every time this song pops up on my shuffle playlist I bare a little smile for Down Under. I know I've been away from home too long because instead of becoming irritated by what follows from 2:25 mins, instead I find it endearing. Nevertheless, if you're an Aussie you'll definitely emphasize with Wally's sentiments.

Wally also used to play drums for Melbourne indie band The Basics. I remember meeting them once - their comments directed at their third member were a little snarkey to say the least. His solo success definitely surpassed that of the groups.

The video was animated and directed by Lucy Dyson. Enjoy!

Gotye- Thanks For Your Time from Gotye on Vimeo.

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