Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Music Festival - "Nuits Sonores" - Lyon, France

Wow apologies for the lack of posting, I was in France enjoying the electronic/indie festival Nuits Sonores. Seriously even my Facebook was neglected. Such an occurrence is a rare thing yet quite cleansing none the less. So I went back to my second home to catch up with heaps of friends and eat amazing food. Kudos to my French friend's mum for cooking us fish for lunches! Merci Romain! A nice change from the usual cheese toasty my mum would have served up. Slacker! Jokes. Love ya mum.

Oh did I mention the music? I knew I'd get side-tracked by the food! The festival was an intense hazardous ear-beating. Spread over four days during the day and night; all over the city it was an aural spectacle like no other. The weather even managed to behave itself. Prior to my arrival the forecast read: Heavy rain. What we got was a little more pleasant. Little rain. Thank Christ.

I'll be writing up a review for skiddle.com but before then a quick highlight overview is most certainly in order.

Night 1:
Vitalic (Room 1)
Hot Chip (Room 2)
Jesse Rose (Room 2)
Paul Kalkbrenner (Room 1)

Night 3:
Jamie Lidell (Room 1)
Unkle (Room 1)
Yuksek (Room 2)
The Juan Maclean (Room 1)
Laurent Garnier (Room 3)

Night 4:
Hudson Mohawke (Room 3)
2ManyDjs (Room 3)

A munted Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) dancing away while Jesse Rose DJ'd at the decks was a pretty entertaining site!

Review up soon as I can get it ouuuut!

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