Sunday, 23 May 2010

Ghost Busters III - The Judd Apatow Ressurection

It's been down at the rumour for a while now and it was only a matter of time before some executive schmuck confirmed the internet's suspicions. I guess finally that time has come. Comedic super-hero director Judd Apatow (Superbad, Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin and Funny People) has officially been announced that Apatow Productions will indeed be in charge of the third installment of everyone's friendly ghost removalists. The upcoming 3rd will be written by The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Greg Stupnitsky. It's been reported that neither Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd have been allowed to confirm anything until now! It seems everyone's favourite old guy hipster kid Mr B Murray is already getting in on the action.

In case you don't get the hipster reference check out Bill Murray's bar-tending stint at 2010's SXSW. B-Man is all over the jeuneuse!

**Top photo taken from Hipster Runoff.

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