Friday, 7 May 2010

Benicio Del Toro is Magnum.. Gold

For some god unknown reason laconic Hollywood stud Benicio Del Toro (better known for his roles in Traffic & the recent Che saga) has teamed up with ice-cream Magnum Gold to create the ultimate advertising campaign. So obviously modelled on Brangelina's 2005 film "Mr and Mrs Smith" Del Toro and his leading lady set out to steal some gold in a good ol' fashion heist. Only difference is they've introduced 'a cousin' who helps orchestrate the plan.

Enter 'you'. Yes 'you'. Log onto Magnum Gold upload your photo and you are instantly affiliated with the thieving pair. However, in an unfortunate twist of fate it turns out the bevy of gold is that of the ice-cream kind. Hilarious!

Once you've created your part you can share it via email, Facebook and even via your own URL link. Quite a promotional tool. The kids at Magnum Gold seemed to have tapped into something noteworthy. It most certainly explores the whole viral idea. And Bencio Del Toro's affiliation definitely doesn't hurt anything other than MG's bank account. No doubt the company will get back what they spent.. and the rest.

I may or may not be the next Halle Berry.


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