Saturday, 8 May 2010

MTV Movie Awards Promo - Fail @ Funny

2010'S MTV Movie Awards will be hosted by none other than comedian and all-round funny, crude and crass american-indian (not Red Indian) Aziz Ansari. The promotional virals have all ready started flooding the internet with celebrities including Kristen Bell (boring blonde), Puff I mean P.Diddy and pretty boy Zac Efron. FYI Zac Efron it seems you're slowly being overshadowed by a younger prettier version of yourself. Hello Justin Bieber.

Anyway the shin-dig takes place on 6 June and in anticipation of the star-studded event the above is one of two videos from the advertising campaign. Take a gander. I'm just not feelin' 'em. You ain't got nothin' o'er Sarah Silverman, Aziz. Even if you are best-friends with Kanye West, James Murphy and TVOTR's Dave Sitek. (Check out Aziz & Sitek's mix-tape here).

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