Saturday, 29 May 2010

Interview: Metric - A Life of Its Own

Last week I paid a visit to East London's swanky Shoreditch House to meet up with Emily Haines and James Shaw of Canadian band METRIC. Their most recent album 'Fantasies' takes a different direction to its predecessors by portraying a more intimate side of the band.

Both Haines and Shaw were only too happy to share their thoughts and opinions (of which they had a lot of) on their path to the present day.

Here's a snippet to tie you over till next week. Watch out for the Metic interview on

So you didn’t all collaborate? Perhaps jam together?

EMILY: Well, no. One of my favourite myths to burst the bubble of, is the idea that there we all were jammin’ away. Not true at all. The one thing that we did have in common is that we all wanted to get out of that fucking loft. It was a very bad-ass group of people who were not looking for anything but to move forward on their own. Maybe that’s sad but I kind of like that idea.
JAMES: Personally that’s what I got from NY. I never got a supportive energy. Everyone is looking out for themselves and no one gives a shit about anyone else.

EMILY: Which is good. That’s why you go to NY.


  1. This looks awfully familiar. I did exactly the same thing.

    You weren't the final interviewer were you? If yes, I'm sorry for taking up so much time!


  2. Nope I was the first! -


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