Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I am part of your lexicon + Vivecoolcity

Do you know what I despise? Those blogs that post nothing but other people's material.

Seriously, if you're gonna be responsible for a disruptive, rude, boisterous but impressionable blog then you gotta stand by your baby and take some responsibility.

Here are a couple o' rules to get your engine started:

1) SPELLING - For christ sake, it's the golden apple, the numero uno. If you're going to insit on gttin tit rong, put a disclaimer up the top stating your incapacity to spell or cheat and use spell checker.

2)COPYRIGHT - Or should I say copy and paste. Don't go all the Milli Vanilli on our German ass' and take ownership of something when the actual owner is all the way on the other-side of the land. T'is not worth it, cause most chimps who cross your blogosphere will most likely have crossed the sad sack's who you stole it from.

3)QUALITY - I'm all for the YOUTUBE nation, but when all you're churning out is vid after vid of 'Michael Jackson danglin' his spawn', or 'Britney Spears et al' what are you good for? No, really, what?

And on that note here is a vid from Australian site VIVECOOLCITY.

This is dedicated to all us self-confessing Groupie Slutzz:


**Disclaimer: All views and opinions are mine only and mine only. Ie. Who the f**k am I to be telling you what to do with your aimless life. If incorrect grammer and spelling get you off than by all means, you show that word who's boss and make it part of your lexicon.

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