Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Freemium - Getting More Than We Deserve

Free media begins with: Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, Google, Blogger, Youtube, Myspace and every news and information website, yet it certainly does not end there.

The big question is: Do we take these gratuitous services for granted?

Do we still respect what is on offer, when the cost is nil?

The majority of people can afford to buy a newspaper yet decidedly choose not to. But then again, why would you when you can get the same thing for free, in digitalised format? Yet, although this media comes at no price, consumers still expect to receive top quality services. Therefore, in this day and age where these said media services are financed by endless advertising, the new transaction is time.

We are now basing our decision on whether a product is worth our 'time'. Time is the new form of currency that we consumers are safeguarding and sharing with those who manage to impress us, with those whom expect no financial benefits.

Time has become a pretty important factor, one of which many different companies are vying for.

So who is worthy of your time? Or more to the point, who is not?

Check out
Harriet Denny's article on free media and the public's expectations at Media Week.

Picture also from Media week

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