Thursday, 26 November 2009

More Hands Make Light Speed.. Champion

We caught up with Dev Hynes aka LightSpeed Champion (remember short-lived dance punk band Test Icicles? Effing love 'Circle Square, Triangle') before the unveiling of his new project Blood Orange. It's a new (side)venture which sees Dev dive solo into a rhythmic mess of funk and soul.

A short conversation while sharing a booth at Shoreditch eatery The Diner:
// So why did Test Icicles stop making music? I know a lot of people were devastated.

Really? Did anyone even listen to it? I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Both me and Sam agreed to end it. I caught up with him recently; he lives in LA.

// I'm really into your new project, ‘Blood Orange’.
Thanks, yea my album is coming out soon. There are 12 songs on the album but I made 30.

// I know you are originally from the UK why did you uproot to the USA? Was it for your career?
No not really. I just didn’t feel settled here. I wasn’t feeling the vibe, whereas in NY I just feel comfortable.

// Have you been going out much since you’ve been in London?
No.. I don’t really go out at night. In the US it’s good cause you don’t have to go clubbing if you want to go out at night. You can go to a bar or a coffee shop and all the restaurants are open really late. Plus the trains go all night and you don’t have to take buses! (Playing on laptop) Do you know how to burn DVDS?

// Ah yea I think you need to download a program that takes the security off the DVD. What DVD do you want to burn?

The Wire season six. I’ve been watching it for the past two weeks; I’m hooked.

Look out for our piece in next weeks London LeCool!

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