Sunday, 25 July 2010

'SUP Mag - Comanechi Interview

Issue 22 of 'SUP Mag is finally out and doesn't it look grand. It's sleek, savvy yet simple layout will have you turning the pages with more zest than an orange. Interviews include: HOT CHIP, GOLD PANDA, SLOW CLUB, THESE NEW PURITANS, LIARS, PULLED APART BY HORSES, YEASAYER & HEAPS MORE.

CHECK OUT MY INTERVIEW W/ DALSTON BORN BAND COMANECHI. You've most likely heard the child-like yet blood-curling screeches of drummer and vocalist Akiko Matsuura at any number of festivals this summer with the rolling drums of Simon Petrovich providing the anthemic beat.

Photographer Roberta Ridolfi and I set up camp at COMANECHI's shared East London home where we took photos while Simon talked about the art of scoring a pre-loved grandma jumper for those taller fellas (check the arm length) and Akiko (Keeks) explained why appearing half naked on stage has less to do with being sexy and more to do with Bruce Lee and some Japanese band.

It's free and sexy at the following stores.


Big ups to 'SUP Mag for printing another flavoursome issue!


  1. I was, taking the term 'literally' to new realms of representation, just reading this in the issue itself.


  2. Haha hilarious. Great minds!


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