Saturday, 28 August 2010

Reggae Convert

I guess the best thing about music is how varied it is. It's a concept loved by the world. It's what brings people together. It's a common interest that binds people, places and memories. Within it are a plethora of genres that further consolidate friendships between like-minded listeners.
I've just come back from two weeks in the South of Italy. It was an intense period spent with native Italians and no English speakers (I don't speak Italian). I experienced major culture shock and at times questioned my own viewpoints. You know how it is when you are the minority. Anyway one thing I didn't expect was the Reggae invasion. We spent 4 days in a camping site and the whole time our ears were invaded with the sonic noise of laid back Reggae lyrics and beats. And now I can't get enough of it.

It carries no pretense. Memories of laying back on the inflatable couches under the campsite's sky. With the obvious spark up or two...

Kick back and enjoy.

Reggae by blueeyedchihuahua

Funky Reggae Mix by Funk the System by funkthesystem

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