Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Janet Jackson's Family Emergency - Tour Cancelled

Janet Jackson's 'Up Close & Personal' tour is in limbo. After weeks of waiting, after days of prepping and after losing out by minutes - I finally nab 3 gold seated tix to the second Melbourne show in November 2011.

And then the unexpected occurs - the youngest Jackson sibling postpones the tour and moves it from the intimate setting of the Arts Centre to the oversized space-ship that is Rod Laver Arena. They could have at least changed the name to: 'No longer So Up Close & Intimate Suckers'. And then when you think life can't get any worse - yet more apologies.

Tickets are refunded and a tour that was, is no longer. Janet Jackson does a well-below par performance at the first Melbourne show and is flown back to the States to be with her family during Michael Jackson's court case.

Sometimes we forget that celebrities are 'real', human-beings experiencing 'similar' trials and tribulations to the rest of us.

 Dainty must be pooing their pants. GAH.

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