Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Free Cone Day

Started a new job this week, thanks to the lovely Monique Kawecki. Due to unforseen circumstances I made the decision to quit my job due to my wack-job , stress head boss. Picture this: a short dwarf like man who constantly paces up and down rubbing his bald head. When it concerns that man, there is no more room for niceties.

Anyway, fast forward to the later week, ie this week, Mon and I are now co-workers at Square Mile Real Estate. The pay is better, the hour lunch is paid for and the location is right in the heart of East London.

Today was Ben and Jerry's free cone day. Our hour lunch break, which in-turn was a hour and a half break, due to wrong routes and much treking, was everything you could ask for and much more.

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  1. oh no u didnt! hell yeahhh. thanks jazzy jeff, now the people that google me, the wonderful Monique Kawecki, they wont be disappointed ever again. they'll thank u later


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