Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Midnight Juggers - Encore une fois

In two days time, Midnight Juggers leave Europe for their North American Tour, so in order to go out with a bang, they had two (sorta) impromtu gigs this week. Apparently they were industry nights.

Monday they played at Durrr where entry was only 4 pounds and Tues they were at Cargo! Unfortunately for me the recruitment process was a tad stilted and I only rocked up to the Cargo gig. Fortunately for me, I had found people who were more than willing to attend the shin-dig and indulge in groupie behaviour. okay except for Dan, but he was quite obliging and managed to keep a smile on his dial while Felcity and I did our thang.

The boys stuck around after their show, which was good. I waited for the flock of girls to detach themselves from Vincent and then made my way over to chat about idle things. After being so disillusioned by our last meeting I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only did he remember who I was but we have now reached the point in our ‘relationship’, (very loose term) in which we greet by kissing each other on both cheeks. We talked about this and that and the Myspace bulletin they had sent out. It stated they had 2 free tickets to the Cargo gig that night, all you had to do was tell them why you should win, so I did. However, in the end it was the record company EMI and not the boys who had sent out the bulletin.

Although we had a chat, I still stand by my belief that Vincent is socially awkward and that the guy who blew a kiss to the desperado who stroked his shoe during their performance was not the Vincent standing before me.

Someone who is not socially inept is ex-Valentino, Daniel Stricker. Not only did he willingly talk to my friend Felicity but he later came back to chat to us and comment on my Bumblebeez tee which I had scored from the band’s art exhibition in Shoreditch.

The following is the competition email I had wrote earlier:

So I'm coming to see you guys tonight, regardless of whether I 'win' this competition. I was going to come see you last night, but, sometimes recruiting people is a major effort. I don't know if this is the reason why I should win, but inadvertedly stalking you around the world has got to stand for something. I'm from melbourne, went to click click, onesixone, st jeromes, your gig at prince and everything in between. At onesix I met Vincent and stamped him with a b'day stamp. Then I moved to France and couldn't resist going to Paris for the Les Inrocks festival, whose line up was one to good to pass up. Spoke to Vincent again who remembered me because of the stamp's long lasting ink. Then I moved to London, where I coincedently ended up at Fabric the same night as you guys. In hindsight, it's probably not that much of a coincedence considering Cut Copy was playing, and what's Cut Copy without the Midnight Juggers, even if you weren't performing. Spoke to Vincent again who remembered me, but got that 'that's that stalker girl' vibe from him, so I swiftly departed the conversation. Last time I saw you guys was at Scala, you were awesome and Busy P is a genius behind the decks.

I'll see you guys tonight.

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