Sunday, 16 November 2008

P.A.M Fang Necklace

So it was time to get my own. And it's just as pretty as Mo's.

It may have cost an arm and a leg but that's what prosthetic limbs are for, right?

Just ask Heather Mills..

Heather Mills - BitchSlapped - The best home videos are here


  1. oh and then i thought u were gonna add in the bit about Wooooo and leg made out of

    Hey so you got the oxi one too - i think thats what its called (?) actually no fucking clue.

    by the way jazzy fizzle your blog is hella entertaining...u may have noticed i subscribed. heck yes please.


  2. shiz, that would have been a good closer. Would you date a girl with a leg made out of bolsa, that blew in the wind and bopped you on the head.


    love you longtime.


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