Tuesday, 4 November 2008

2008 U.S Presidential Election

So it ends tonight... and finally there were two.

The Republican nominee John McCain, the senior United States Senator from Arizona, and the Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama have sweat blood and tears to make it up this Presidential mountain. But to claw their way past Sarah, Hilary and Co. they have had a little help from their friends, foes and frenemies.

On Team Obama there is: Winfrey, Eva, DeNiro, The Fresh Prince, Usher, and on Team McCain; Italian stallion Sylvester and the Californian Governator Arnie.

We all know Winfrey has been endorsing her man in her many speeches, but have you seen Black Eyed Peas' singer Will.i.am's vids; 'Yes We Can', staring celeb fans including Scarlett J or 'We Are The Ones' with Ryan Phillipe and Jessica Alba?



there's meat-head Arnie egging on a mass of McCain supporters, with childish insults and unsubstantiated comments, where 'scrawny' Obama and his skinny frame are likened to that of the Senator's ideals.

Halloween masks

Strolling through his Hyde Park neighborhood, on 31/October, Barak O would have had quite a ball bumping into his plastic self. Quite a few Kaufman/Malkovich moments I'm sure.

The Obama mask out-sold his rival's, two to one.

Seriously, these publicists must be on over-drive. Working like dogs day in and day out, spinning up stories, campaigns, you name it.

But as they say,

Any publicity is GOOD publicity, just ask Paris Hilton (see One Night in Paris).

On the eve of the US Election day Obama's grandma passed away. Photos flooded the internet, of the grandson wiping away the streaming tears that symbolised his 'sincerity' and stripped him.. down to his jocks.. for all the world to see. No iron armor, just RAW emotion.

A publicist's wet dream indeed.

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