Saturday, 27 February 2010

Monsieur M - Food That Makes My Tummy Smile

East London's Old Street recently welcomed a new addition in the form of tasty Indochinese with simple yet savvy decor. Think red feature walls, wooden tables and friendly staff. The restaurant in question is Monsieur M and it has taken up residence in the ol' Town Hall. Rest assured it most definitely does the grandiose old building justice.

Fortunately for me LeCool London organised a fun and tasty experience for all those lucky punters that wield a pen. Our almighty sword, if you will. After being seated we were treated to thirst quenching beverages and a taste testing extravaganza. To our left stood a table (see right) decorated in all the right ingredients necessary to create our own summer rolls. It may have been cold and hungry outside but inside we were warm and our tummies were most certainly satisfied.

Rumbly tummies no longer!

I had previously heard of and attended Monsieur M's prior to this occasion and as a result I was easily persuaded. At Monsieur M's each visit is a surprise; the menu changes daily giving you a choice of three appetising meals. An innovative idea that means you'll never run the risk of boring the taste buds. They really are a precocious lot!

Disclaimer: Don't bother fighting with the cash machine, these tasty treats weren't made to break the bank.

This Southeast Asian experience is located at  380 Old Street, Shoreditch. Near Hoxton Square.

Try the Thai green curry. It's D-licious!

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