Friday, 9 April 2010

Alex Noble x Lady Gaga

Top photo: Noble's Carnival Muero head piece.
British fashion designerr Alex Noble indulges in the avant-garde. He's a left-field player who releases his inner being through painting, styling, designing and curating. 

It's been a very busy year for this 26-year-old Londoner and Lady Gaga is very lucky to have him on her team. Along with fellow creatives; Nicola Formichetti (Creative director for Dazed & Confused Mag), Fred Butler and Craig Lawrence, Noble has been busy contributing to the Haus of Gaga. Lady Gaga is no longer just one woman, she's a global brand held up high by many MANY international artists.

Gaga's sports Noble's white lace body-suit & shoes at the 2010 Brit Awards.
Gaga wears Noble's red bondage strap-suit for music video Bad Romance

I had a chat with Noble in his De Beauvoir studio about his childhood, work habits and the path that lead him to the busiest time of his life. Today welcomes Alex Noble; a man who at university was told he was 'more of a stylist than a designer' and in turn 'didn't do so well'. Today welcomes Alex Noble; a designer who is commissioned by stylists to create their visions.

Interview coming soon!

Also look out for Alex's favourite London haunts soon to be appearing in London's weekly culture vulture 'LeCool'. Sign up to receive it straight to your box.

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