Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Music - A Commodity People Feel They No Longer Need To Pay For?

Ariel Pink recently made a trip to Australia to perform at the summer festivals and his side-shows. Pedestrian was lucky enough to interview the man who ain't about the BS. After being congratulated for topping Pitchfork's Song of the Year chart Ariel seems perplexed; lost for words. How can that be when their record sales are at an all time low?

In less than 2 minutes he questions the logic. Click here to view the video.

It seems the same issue is being analysed over in the Northern hemisphere where Stephen Godfroy, the man credited for successfully launching London's Rough Trade East talks about his most hated form of music: the download. Check Wired UK for his proposals.

The issue of music as a disposable concept so readily available to all is not a new one. Yes, the ease of accessibility to the Internet means bands from anywhere in the world can promote themselves, via Myspace, Youtube or any other social networking platform, but is it in their best interest? Who is this really benefiting other than the listener. 

I spoke to Yeasayer's Chris Keating about exactly this and it seems he along with many other musicians of today have accepted the fate of an industry where (illegal) download is King.

'Touring is the bread and butter of the music industry'.

You can see the full interview with Yeasayer's Chris Keating over at Lifelounge.

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