Monday, 22 December 2008

C'est la vie

Geez life is ... a minefield.

Sometimes you'll be walking around minding your own beezwax when BAM your foot will get blown off by a mine and other times you'll be walking around and no mines will be goin' off. And you'll be all like 'what the? I thought this was supossed to be a minefield? Where are all the mines? I wish I'd step on one right now', just for a few moments of entertainment... and then I guess horror would be the next to follow.

Take from this analogy what you will.

And then sometimes life is ... a flower-pot and you're the seedling.

You know what you have to do.. (well eventually you have a faint idea of what you should do, that is after all the ideas in your head stop walking into walls and well quite frankly each other) ... but all you can do is wait, wait for the sun for the rain and the 'will'. That fucking 'will'. And you 'will' sooo hard, thinking eventually if I 'will' enough I will get what I deserve. I will get my comupins (but in a positive sense).. but alas sometimes 'will' isn't enough.

(And sometimes overwilling could result in a trip to the doctor and who wants to open that can of worms?)

The major player here that I have failed to mention is time. Seriously, it's the one thing that an impatient person can't control. Damn that time factor.

So what does that mean, you have to play the waiting-game and see what happens? Well, that sucks. Cause while you're waiting other people have fun assuming things that are totally incorrect.

Today my mum told me I had a middle-class mind. Totally mis-judging that as a compliment, I asked what this so called middle-class mind entailed. She said my head was in the clouds and I thought things were just going to fall into my lap.

Sometimes I think her head is the clouds.

Sometimes, it's always nicer to secretly wish your head was in the clouds, kinda like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, only their heads aren't really in the clouds, it's a complete and utter ploy. That Hilton sex video was soo calculated. She knew exaclty what she was doing.

Why do you think she kept looking directly at the camera and winking? Huh?

Anyway, back to the point. Ignorance is bliss and I am more than ready for my fair share.

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