Thursday, 8 October 2009

Stricken City Interview

Stricken City make ethereal noises that invade your space; romantic but not too sappy with a hint of guitar riff. In 2004 vocalist Rebekah and guitarist Ian met in High School and now five years down the track the duo are now a quartet. They're a true indie band; one that combines hand designed tees and outfits with jingly musical art-pop. On 12 October the London collective, now comprised of Rebekah, Ian, Mike and Kit, is releasing their mini-album Songs About People I know, 'a musical college of the last five years'.

For the interview we met on a sunny Friday afternoon at London's Pure Groove Records. Rebekah was in the midst of cutting out water-colour animals, to use as decoration for the night's show, while Ian quite happily let me evade his personal space with my Sony dictaphone. The banging background tunes competed with our own vocals but with enough persistence, and sly dictaphone poking in Ian's direction, we successfully managed to proceed with our own session.

Check the rest of the interview out at This is Fake DIY


  1. I just watched the video of Tak Tak,haven't heard you before,liked it very much,and the headdress is great!!

  2. Hey you can catch their music on their myspace:

    Thanks for stopping by!


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