Saturday, 27 March 2010

Aurel Schmidt for Opening Ceremony

NY based artist Aurel Schmidt has made everyday debris a cause for celebration for Opening Ceremony. Schmidt was chosen as one of the Whitney Biennial's 2010 exhibiting artists. Each chosen artiste was limited to one submission. Schmidt's piece entitled Master of the Universe / Flexmaster 3000 (see below) uses the quotidien detritus, including cigerette butts, condoms and insects; normally considered dirty and ugly, to create a specimen of beauty. It's a warts-and-all reactionary statement. 

Since her 2007 series Dirty Pretty Things the Canadian born artist has forced the viewer to move away from their comfort zone, to view a different type of beauty; one that is not widely accepted. This March welcomes the ubiquitous Aurel Schmidt on Tee. There are 11 in the series which when put in the correct order spell, you guessed it, Opening Ceremony. They're 60 USD a pop and are just what the doctor ordered. 

Terry Richardson takes her portrait here. NSFW (obviously).


  1. what a rare book of Aurel Schmidt I found here:



  2. I love Aurel!
    This book is official publication.


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