Monday, 15 March 2010

Crookers Interview - 'No more girls just angry people'

I recently interviewed beat mongers Crookers - The pair are as Italian as a big ol' bowl of Gnocchi pasta. Hell Phra still lives w/ his Mamma. They take everything with a grain of salt and are the masters of self-effacement. Bot's demure nature is a great compliment to the greagarious nature of co-creator Phra but in the box all inhibitions are put to the wayside. 

Their album launch at South London's Fire was a melange of alchemy and  debauchery. Good decisions were made - rocking up to witness the magic- as were equally bad decisions - candy that induced involuntary reactions of rejection-.

Their debut album 'Tons of Friends' is a canvas of the musical elite; a testement to their off the cuff approach and to all that is aurally delightful.

Check out the interview - it's all in a honest vein - the only way I like 'em.

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