Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Horse's Hind Legs

Today was probably the worst day of work since I started 2 weeks ago, just a lot of crappy bullshit; deadlines, emails, more emails and even more emails. I am officially the inbox bitch. That’s not my official job title but it pretty much sums it up.

Tonight the Brit Awards are on and as we speak the celebs are sitting in Earl's Court looking glamorous and, or drunk. This is of course only speculation, due to the fact that my tv room is currently staging a dance production by 'Jasmine’s 27 year old loser landlord'..

I don’t think I could actually stomach looking inside the room, but one minute Rhianna was telling him to ‘shut up and drive’ (little ironic since he doesn't even have a driver's licence) and the next minute some bollywood song is seeping through the cracks of the lounge-room door.
This sort of behaviour is a current occurrence in my house-hold, I’m just glad he has the decency to close the door behind him.

Why would I CHOOSE to live with someone whose antics encourage my boiling rage .. watch this space.

Anyway back to the awesomeness that is London town. This week there have been so many great gigs on and although I am yet to attend one, they are awesome none the less.

Mon night- Cut Copy supported Hadouken at Koko, which is literally the building next door to mine.

Tues night- NZ boys Cut Off Your Hands played at the Barfly (10 mins walk from my house) and Electric 6 also played. You know Danger, danger.. high voltage, when we touch etc etc.

Wed night- My friend Mon gave me her free Sebastien Tellier tix (but of course I didn’t end up making it).
Nouvelle Vogue were also playing a sold out gig and someone else…

Tomorrow night- I’m going to see NYPC do a free DJ set.

Fri- Cut Copy and Simian mobile Disco are playing at Fabric, for 10 pounds.
And Mark Ronson also plays.

Sat- The Teenagers are playing in my town, Camden and Boysnoize are Djing in a Shoreditch car-park.

Then of course there is Juggers and Busy P playing on 20/March.

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