Saturday, 23 February 2008

London Bridge is falling down

After getting off the train I took a detour to the library and borrowed some books. In an attempt to assimilate I chose a book writen by Katie Price, otherwise known as Jordon, the British Pamala Anderson, the tanned chicken married to our very own Peter Andre. Then I thought a slight amount of brain stimulation could be nice, so I also borrowed About a Boy. As I walked out of the library I passed a growing line of punky/emo youths loitering outside the music club Kokos. Tonight its stage would be graced by Hadouken and Cut Copy.

Funnily enough Cut Copy was supporting Hadouken. .. wack.

Anyway it was a totally surreal leaving a building whose concept was built around being silent and reading but then literally two seconds later witnessing a mass crowd whose clothing choices were less of a whisper and more of a scream... while the building they waited to enter was the exact opposite to that of the Camden Library.

Oh yea I am know a library member which means not only do I have access to FREE books but also DVDs for 2 pounds. It’s amazing what resources you can find to ease the pain of a rather tight wallet, or better yet bank account…

[UPDATE: Mon has informed me that 2 pounds is a rip off. However, I just couldn't fathom the fact that the libray would rip me off! Even if this is not true, the fact that the libraries don't offer an after hours 'drop box' is a big problem. This issue prevents a borowee from returning their '40 year old virgin' DVD, after the library shuts. Which in turn means that Jasmine is stuck with a late-fee, which means that this DVD was definately not a cheap venture!]

Loo roll and Mushrooms

A couple of days ago, for a respective 40 pence each, I scored a box of mushrooms and a pack of 4 toilet rolls!

My staple diet:

Bowl of cornflakes at the office desk. Not only can I wake up late but I can also use the milk at work.

Well I’m still plowing through my kilo of bananas and when there is 'left-overs' from work meetings.. there is often a mass exodus of workers. The workers can later be found huddled around the trays of gourmet sandwiches lining the kitchen bench.

Rice, frozen veggies, curried egg (nothing but fried egg and curry powder). To add a bit of variety to the dinner table, sometimes I’ll substitute the eggs for a frozen pie. Because 'variety really is, the spice of life'. lol

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