Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Melbourne boys

Last night Mon, Jo and I made the trek down to Fabric Night Club, to see Cutters and Simian Mobile Disco whip out some tunes. As the cab pulled up to the curve, we began countin our pennies and the driver cut sick at us. Granted it took us a good 5 mins or so, but still! Not only that but he left the metre on for a good 55 pence while we were gathering our moolah. The nerve.

As we jumped out, Jo politely but sternly informed the driver that he was 'very rude'. As we slammed the door behind us, i can only assume from lip-reading that his response was not of the G-rated genre.

With our Fabric membership cards in hand, we were shocked to learn that the 20 metre long crowd spilling onto the street, was in fact the V.I.P line. Guess that's what a 6 pound membership card gets you. Not much. 40 mins later, we were in. 20 mins later we were at the front of the cloak room line. 10 mins later we were the leaders of the toilet line. shit-load of lines.
After collecting our 3.90 pound beers we pushed our way to the front of the Cut Copy awaitees. They were good, they started with their new stuff... don't know if it has anything over their previous stock but... they know how to get a crowd moving. During the crowd's swaying, bopping and groping - mostly from the male behind me-, Mon noticed the Juggers boys hanging out on the balcony. And yes that included VINCENT!

Story to be continued...

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