Monday, 25 February 2008

Journo Jobs

So I'm forever looking for Journo jobs that I deem apropriate. What do you think about this one... I think it's the desperation seeping through...

Prison Radio, HMYOI Aylesbury

Want to make radio for a truly captive audience? We require a Variable Hours Lecturer to deliver the NCFE Level 1 Introducing Radio Production Award in the purpose built radio station (Simian playout system using Adobe Audition for production) at the prison for up to three days per week. The role requires a broad knowledge of all areas of radio broadcasting, primarily production, presentation and studio technology. The on-air priority of the radio station is to provide a unique service to a tightly defined audience.
Prison life can be bewildering and isolating, and, although most young prisoners have access to a television and radio, programmes depicting ordinary life on the outside can be alienating and irrelevant. Prison radio allows prisoners to broadcast to their peers, it can bring a real sense of unity to the establishment and aid the flow of information.
We need a tutor who can get the very best out of all our young prisoners, teach them how to make intelligent entertaining radio, to think, to explore, to broaden their own minds and then pass that experience to others over the air. HMYOI Aylesbury is a long term Young Offenders Institution in the centre of Aylesbury. The Education Department delivers a diverse curriculum, including extensive vocational programmes.

Radio Station Tutor Variable Hours Lecturers – HMYOI Aylesbury Salary, per annum: £16,976 to £25,704 pro rata

To apply:If you are interested in this position please send your CV to:

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