Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pearl Necklace .. pending.

This is a 1954 advertisement for Tangee lipcolour.

A tad bit phallic perhaps?

I imagine the individual(s) who approved this piece were much less accustomed to this 'position' than their female co-workers. Or lack there of.

In the 1950s only 33 per cent of women were in the paid work force, compared to a staggering 94 per cent of men. Is that why this poor excuse for an ad was allowed to breathe?

You could argue that more than 50 years later there are many ads that would reflect a similar sort of deal. Purely because sex sells. The Lynx deodorant company is one of the biggest advocates of this mantra. Adult content pending.

Now in the noughties, the ratio of men to woman has managed to reach an almost balanced figure, however; it seems whether you have one or not, thinking with the 'crown jewels' is something that all advertising agents strive to achieve.

Just ask Paris Hilton:

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