Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Girls Are Prettier Than Boys

Photo by Cass Bird for Sophmore.

Girls are prettier than boys - and that's a fact. When you stop to admire the aesthetics of the person, girls win hands down. How often are boy models chosen because they display feminine features? So often. Unfortunately, boys have limitations with how they are able to express themselves. Their blank canvas can only take so much, before it is borderline ridiculous. A boy can not dress like a girl, but a girl can dress like a boy and still be pretty.

Jesus, all these girls are stunners and you can't even see their faces.

All you can see is cascading hair, limbs, flesh and all you can not see, is what ever they can.

Guess it's just down to those X & Y chromosomes and who they choose to take to the Prom.

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