Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Twitter Explodes

Twitter is going nuts.

Quite literally every man and his dog, and their dog, and their dog has jumped on board.

So here we are, promoting ourselves to our heart's content.

Sam Smith is contemplating his 'mere existence in this concrete jungle'


Sally Porter 'ate sooooo many dumplings that now, she thinks she might just be one', but what about the big guns?

Celebrities are madly twittering in the hope that someone is watching. And they are.

Earlier this month, before an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show, UK comedian Russell Brand revealed that he, aka Rusty Rockets, would be twittering live on air. However, upon learning of his dismal 78,000 followers, compared to Fallon's 200,000, Brand urged anyone and everyone to become a follower. Guess he didn't want to look like a chump on live air.

To date, Jimmy stands at a staggering 510,489 while Brand falls way behind with a mere 155,669 followers.

Better luck next time Rus.

Add Russell on: http://twitter.com/rustyrockets
And Jimmy on: http://twitter.com/jimmyfallon

During the show, under the guise 'The Bryan Brickman Experiment' an 'unsuspecting' (yea right) audience member was targeted.

Late Night host Fallon along with Brand and two other guests urged the world to add @bryanbrinkman, who at that stage held claim to 7 followers.

Although the plan was to beat the most followed 'Twitterer' out there, President Obama who currently has 649,699 followers, cartoonist Brickman managed 32,931 followers. Either way, that's more than most!

This 'tiny' boost will most definitely aid in the creation of his cartoonist future. Three years from now he'll be working for Disney. Watch this space.

Celebrity gossip site, Holy Molly, conducted a study concluding that celebrities were using the micro networking site as a form of promotion, rather than as a social site. Well, DUH!
The study proved that Brand -already crowned the 'the ultimate shagger'- was also the 'most self-obsessed Twitterer'. Singer Lily Allen followed closely behind.

As it seems Facebook is no longer the party favourite, the photo-lovin' networking site recently unveiled their new layout, which seems suspiciously similar to that of Twitter.

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