Monday, 16 March 2009

If you're looking for 10 Steps To A Successful Career go look somewhere else.

The key to success is to change what you expect to see before you see it. Don't look in the mirror and expect it to reflect something that is clearly not there. Don't use other people as your mirror, because it'll only lead to disappointment.

But, before you take a look, make sure you know what your looking for. Everyday we assess others; we stand beside a conveyor belt that delivers mould after mould, we size each up and down, check how hardy it is and then eventually we think we've found the one that fits..

It's so easy to compare yourself to others. To stand beside them and assess the 'damage'. It's funny how you can find yourself so often indulging in such a fruitless expedition. As I write these words I am merely trying to comfort my own self-esteem and will to achieve. Stroking the bruised ego. Simply attempting to convince myself that all you need is aspiration and if others 'inspire' you, then so be it. If others inspire you to be better, then they've done more than they will ever know.

But after that, you're on your own.

Once you've found your calling. That thing that you actively seek out, the one that feels right... Then comes the next part. Sitting on the defense.

Many people will say, you should never have to defend the thing you love. But then many others will say, if you love it enough you should be willing to defend it. Neither are incorrect, just situational.

If I hear one more person tell me that I'm dipping my foot in the deep-end, the competitive end where it'll be impossible for me to keep my head above water, then I guess I'll have to repeat my spiel one more time. And although this repetitive process has muffled the sound of the words, they will never lose their meaning. Not until I stop believing.

Inspirational speeches are nothing less than cringe worthy. So this is not one of 'those' but a simple reminder that the only person who knows what you are capable of, is the one you see staring back at you.

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