Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Don't Vote

This video features a whole lot of celebrities trying to 'reverse-psychology' the pants off you...

It was released in late 2008, and I guess Leo D thought that a mass of celebutants telling you not to vote would be pretty damn convincing.

But I just find it all quite narcissistic. Who do they think they are?

Can some one please tell:

Sarah Silver that poop jokes are only funny if you're young enough to do it in your pants and expect nothing less than a pat on the back.

Halle Berry that her 'down-to-earth' tone is just plain patronising.

Jennifer Aniston to STOP touching her hair.

Jonah Hill that glasses, no matter how thick they are, will never make you less of a stoner. You have Seth Rogen to thank for that one.

Ashton to SHUT UP! No one cares, especially when you insist on wearing those damn trucker hats.

Giovanni Ribisi
to give me call. Damn boy.

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  1. yeah he is so daaaamn! actually in movies he's a dork, but theres smething about him...mmm mmm
    >about giovanni ribisi


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