Thursday, 2 April 2009

I Remember You

In life, there is always that person that you meet for the first and last time, all at once. This is not to say that you never see them again, on the contrary. In fact, you may see them quite often, but always from a distance. From the other side of the room or as you walk out of a shop. You haven't forgotten who they are, but you've seen one another so many times that finally acknowledging them may seem odd.

In London, I met a guy. He was French. We spoke about France and he told me how much he hated Lyon. Lyon, a town in south-west France and where I'd lived for half year.

After I left London, I discovered his blog and find his photographic work rather intriguing.

Goodhood, a shop come gallery in Hoxton, East London.

Truman Brewery.

His girlfriend Ella.

Ella. Turn left and you're at my old abode.

He rides Fixxis.

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