Sunday, 13 June 2010

DARIA - When MTV Championed the Outcast

Last month marked the release of MTV show Daria on DVD. The show born in 1997 followed Daria, a misfit cretin whose apathy became an integral part of her character and charm. Running until 2002 the American black comedy was broadcast at a time when MTV championed the 'outcast'. They weren't busy trying to show kids of the late nineties who to be but just to be. 

These days MTV is better known for shows such as Laguna Beach and The Hills where the audience is conditioned to believe that if you're rich, tanned and popular the fact that you struggle to form a complete sentence is a small glitch that shouldn't overshadow the more important things in life: being rich, tanned and popular.
DARIA on DVD is a nice reminder of how things used to be on MTV.


  1. really sick post, i agree the hills and that brooke bitch are i dont even no what to say about them, a joke to society?
    going to try an watch some

  2. Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet? I might just have to try this Hamlet, right after I finish this episode of the Hills. A cringeworthy affair. aha


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