Sunday, 13 June 2010

Every Four Years - World Cup 2010

Last night the UK and the US went head-to-head and what resulted was a boring' ol' draw. Nothing more nothing less. At least when someone loses there's tears. Nope. Not last night. I've heard the British can get pretty feisty when they lose a game. And unfortunately I myself can not vouch for this.

Don't get me wrong I don't want the UK to lose, I mean it's been so kind to let me stay as long as I have. BUT SOMEONE NEEDS TO LAUGH, CRY OR SHOUT. None of this ambivalence. Raw emotion is a necessary element to any football match.

The image to the left is the front-page of the NY Post. I guess the Americans have finally got the hang of irony. Let's hope that's all it is.

Tonight sees Australia take on Germany.

If there was any time to be patriotic - it shall be tonight.

Go Australia!

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